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Family Registration Blessing Vows

September 2000

Here are the vows in English that are for the Family Registration/Blessing Ceremony as translated from Korean by HQ in case anyone would like to know what they have pledged:

Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony Family Registration Vows:

1. Do you pledge in front of God and True Parents, who have given you this special grace of registration, to form the correct attitude of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience and to preserve the blessed family tradition of true love, true life and true lineage for eternity?

2. As registered blessed families, do you pledge to set the example of realizing the restoration of God's fatherland and a world of peace?

3. Do you pledge that you will attend God as the master of love by practicing true love in your daily life, break down national boundaries, and establish ideal families having lordship over the creation?

4. Do you pledge that you will perfectly settle yourselves as blessed families and take responsibility for the eternal lives of your children and descendants by establishing the dignity of tribal messiahs?

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