The Words of the Hwang Family

 Table of Contents

Looking back on Puk-Hak-Dong times (Won Chin Hwang - August 1970)

K-CARP Directors headed for Japan (Hyun Soo Hwang - April 1971)

Summer Camping for CARP Members was Held (Hyon Soo Hwang - July 25, 1971)

The Celebration of God's Day (Won Jin Hwang - January 1, 1972)

The Public Life of Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Hwan Chae Hwang - February, 1980)

I Will Serve True Parents Will With the Spirit of Indemnity and Restoration (Sun Jo Hwang - April 1, 1999)

The Participation of Japanese National Messiahs in Pantanal (Sun Jo Hwang - August 2, 1999)

The Meaning of 9.9 Jeol and 3.10 Jeol (Sun Jo Hwang - September 12, 1999)

Liberation Ceremony of Cosmic Unification for the Parents of Heaven and Earth (Sun Jo Hwang - September 13, 1999)

Directions from True Parents (Sun Jo Hwang - September 16, 1999)

In Remembrance of Young Jin Nim and Special 40 Day Period of Devotion (Sun Jo Hwang - November 3, 1999)

America Hosts The Millennial True God's Day America Honors Reverend Sun Myung Moon On His 80th Birthday (Sun Jo Hwang - December 15, 1999)

4th Adam Holy Candy (Sun Jo Hwang - December 9, 1999)

How We Should Live in this Time of Great Transition (Sun Jo Hwang - December 26, 1999)

The True Meaning Of Bok (Blessing; Fortune) (Sun Jo Hwang - January 9, 2000)

Directions Regarding the 40-Day Workshop for the 4 Groups of National Messiahs (Sun Jo Hwang - January 11, 2000)

40 Day IdeaFamily Workshop and NationaMessiah Fishing Workshop (Sun Jo Hwang - March 11, 2000)

Starting Family Life: Directions for Those Blessed in 1st 400 Million Couples Blessing (Sun Jo Hwang - March 11, 2000)

The Special Workshop for Korean National Messiahs and the Change of Location for True Parents' Day Celebration (Sun Jo Hwang - March 20, 2000)

Instructions from True Parents Day and World Leaders Meeting (Sun Jo Hwang - April 14, 2000)

Understanding Our Role In A New Providential Era (Sun Jo Hwang - April 16, 2000)

Creating The Conditions For Reunification (Sun Jo Hwang - May 21, 2000)

The Final Providential Mission (Sun Jo Hwang - June 18, 2000)

Disposition of Missionaries (Sun Jo Hwang - June 22, 2000)

Special Blessed Wives Workshop for Registration (Sun Jo Hwang - July 27, 2000)

Grace From Heaven (Sun Jo Hwang - August 2000)

Through The Eyes Of Providence (Sun Jo Hwang - September 28, 2000)

Everything We Need To Know (Sun Jo Hwang - October 22, 2000)

Restoring The Homeland (Sun Jo Hwang - November 12, 2000)

Changes Regarding the Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony (Grace Ceremony) (Sun Jo Hwang - November 27, 2000)

Changes regarding the Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony and Directions for Special Activities (Sun Jo Hwang - December 4, 2000)

Our Task in Relation to the Providence (Sun Jo Hwang - December 10, 2000)

The Final Providential Mission (Sun Jo Hwang - June 18, 2000)

Main Points from the 34th True God's Day (Sun Jo Hwang - January 5, 2001)

True Father’s Direction to All Leaders and Members At Or Under the Age Of 40 (Sun Jo Hwang - February 2, 2001)

A New Course in a New Era (Sun Jo Hwang - February 18, 2001)

Information about the 12th and the 13th Special Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives (Sun Jo Hwang - March 8, 2001)

Directions about Jardim 43-day Workshop (Sun Jo Hwang - March 16, 2001)

Welcoming the Spring (Sun Jo Hwang - March 18, 2001)

40 Day World Wide Family Mobilization (To bring on the Cosmic Level Pentecost) (Sun Jo Hwang - March 28, 2001)

The Providential Meaning of Father's 50-State Speaking Tour and New Directions (Sun Jo Hwang - April 10, 2001)

Instructions Regarding Hoon Dok Rallies (Community Conferences) in All Nations (Sun Jo Hwang - May 9, 2001)

Information About 13th, 14th Special Registration Workshops for Blessed Wives (Sun Jo Hwang - May 3, 2001)

The Day Of Pentecost And Our Mission (Sun Jo Hwang - May 20, 2001)

Update to the Worldwide Blessed Family Mobilization (Cosmic-level Pentecost) (Sun Jo Hwang - June 4, 2001)

The Work Of The Holy Spirit Two Thousand Years Ago And Today (Sun Jo Hwang - June 10, 2001)

True Father's Direction at the International Leaders Meeting (Sun Jo Hwang - June 29, 2001)

Forty-Day Summer Pioneer Witnessing Activity (Sun Jo Hwang - July 16, 2001)

Announcement of Ascension of Byung Jun Kwak Sonsaeng Nim (Sun Jo Hwang - July 21, 2001)

Sixteen Days of "Settlement of God's Fatherland" Tour (Sun Jo Hwang - July 15, 2001)

Sixteen Days (Sun Jo Hwang - July 15, 2001)

The Second Series of Blessed Wives' Special Workshops for Registration (Sun Jo Hwang - August 1, 2001)

Thirty Percent Tithing (Sun Jo Hwang - August 13, 2001)

Speech to Headquarters Staff Members (Sun Jo Hwang - September 26, 2001)

Directions from the 14th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (Sun Jo Hwang - October 8, 2001)

Preparation of Comfort Blessing (Sun Jo Hwang - October 9, 2001)

Change of schedule for Special Workshops for Blessed Husbands and Additional Information (Sun Jo Hwang - October 17, 2001)

The 42nd True Children's Day (Sun Jo Hwang - November 20, 2001)

Husbands 8-Day Workshop: Additional/Changed Information (Sun Jo Hwang - November 29, 2001)

Twenty-one Day Blessed Wives Registration Workshop Additional Schedule and Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Schedule (Sun Jo Hwang - November 30, 2001)

The Beauty of Reconciliation (Sun Jo Hwang - December 9, 2001)

The Beauty of Reconciliation (Sun Jo Hwang - December 9, 2001 - different version)

True God's Day information (Sun Jo Hwang - December 15, 2001)

Special Condition (Sun Jo Hwang - December 23, 2001)

Cheon Il Guk: A New Beginning (Sun Jo Hwang - January 6, 2002)

Schedules of WCSF 2002 (Sun Jo Hwang - January 16, 2002)

Information about the 19th Special Registration Workshop for Blessed Wives and Registration Blessing (Sun Jo Hwang - January 30, 2002)

Relating with God Through Living for Others (Sun Jo Hwang - March 2002)

Special Workshops for Blessed Husbands from All Nations (Sun Jo Hwang - March 6, 2002)

Essential Aspects of Our Faith (Sun Jo Hwang - April 2002)

Pyonghwa Stands for Peace (Sun-jo Hwang - April 2002 pdf)

Special 40-Day Witnessing Campaign in the 2nd Year of Cheon Il Guk (Sun Jo Hwang - June 26, 2002)

Our Task In Relation To God's Providence (Sun Jo Hwang - June 30, 2002)

Three Feasts To Hold On The Path To Tribal Messiahship (Sun Jo Hwang - July 14, 2002)

True Parent's Direction July 23, 2002 (Sun Jo Hwang - July 23, 2002)

True Parents’ Directions Concerning Supporting Declarations to Messages from the Spirit World (Sun Jo Hwang - July 23, 2002)

Chil Pal Jeol Event and True Parents' Instructions to Registration Mobilization Missionaries (Sun Jo Hwang - July 30, 2002)

The Meaning Of The Realm Of Life Of The Unity And Completed Settlement Of The Parents Of Heaven And Earth (Sun Jo Hwang - August 19, 2002)

The Mystical Dimension of our Life (Sun Jo Hwang - September 2002)

True Parents' directions Concerning Hoon Dok Hae (Sun Jo Hwang - October 7, 2002)

Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth (Sun Jo Hwang - October 15, 2002)

Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth (Sun Jo Hwang - October 18, 2002)

The Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth (Sun Jo Hwang - October 21, 2002)

43rd True Children's Day Celebration and Directions (Sun Jo Hwang - November 9, 2002)

10th Special Worldwide 8-Day Registration Workshop for Blessed Husbands (Sun Jo Hwang - December 6, 2002)

Becoming Owners Of Cheon Il Guk (Sun Jo Hwang - December 29, 2002)

International Signature Campaign for the Prevention of the Construction of a Freeway through the Holy Ground at Songsan-ri (Chung Pyung) (Sun Jo Hwang - January 6, 2003)

Let's Be the Owners of Victory in Our Lives (Sun Jo Hwang - February 16, 2003)

The Path to True Ownership in Cheon Il Guk (Sun Jo Hwang - March 16, 2003)

Fighting Decisive Battles (Sun Jo Hwang - April 6, 2003)

Postponement of WCSF 2003 (Sun Jo Hwang - May 3, 2003)

The Declaration of The Great Transition to the Realm of Dominion of the Ideal of Creation (Sun Jo Hwang - May 27, 2003)

21-day Special Condition (Sun Jo Hwang - June 5, 2003)

Information in English and Korean on the WCSF 2003 Schedule (Sun Jo Hwang - June 19, 2003)

Aligning Ourselves With The Spiritual Reality (Sun Jo Hwang - June 22, 2003)

Changes in Accommodations for WCSF 2003 Blessing Participants (Sun Jo Hwang - July 3, 2003)

Official Memo FFWPUI 2003-45 Cheon Il Guk Year 3 Summer 40 Day Witnessing Activity (Sun Jo Hwang - July 9, 2003)

Cheongpadong HQ Building Ground Breaking Ceremony (Sun Jo Hwang - July 21, 2003)

Cheon Il Guk 3rd year 40 days mobilization - directions for the Korean church and IIFWP website (Sun Jo Hwang - July 27, 2003)

The 7th 7.8 Jeol (6th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth) (Sun Jo Hwang - July 21, 2003)

July 28th meeting in HQ (Sun Jo Hwang - July 28, 2003)

More information about the Blessing on Aug. 24th 2003 (Sun Jo Hwang - August 5, 2003)

Becoming People Of Substance (Sun Jo Hwang - August 10, 2003)

People of Substance (Sun Jo Hwang - August 10, 2003 pdf)

Preparations for the 2nd Fishing World Cup (Sun Jo Hwang - August 14, 2003)

Declaration Ceremony for the Beginning of the Nation of the Fourth Israel (Sun Jo Hwang August 22, 2003)

Special 7-day Condition (Sun Jo Hwang - August 25, 2003)

Monday Morning HQ News Etc. (Sun Jo Hwang - September 8, 2003)

Letter regarding Nam Hi Hwang (Kathleen Hwang - October 20, 2003)

The Path to Building God's Fatherland (Sun Jo Hwang - March 21. 2004)

Escaping the Inertia of Bad Habits (Sun Jo Hwang - April 11, 2004)

Instructions from the 44th Anniversary of True Parents’ Day (Sun Jo Hwang - April 28, 2004)

Commencement of Ahn Shi Il and the Declaration of Ssang Hab Shib Seung (Sun Jo Hwang - May 12, 2004)

Milestones On The Road Of The Providence (Sun Jo Hwang - May 20, 2004)

The Providence Of Community Outreach (Sun Jo Hwang - June 2004)

Announcements about the Events of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004 (Sun Jo Hwang - June 24, 2004)

WorldTies: Announcements about the Events of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004 (Sun Jo Hwang - June 30, 2004)

Confirmed Information Regarding "The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom" and the Eighth Chil Pal Jeol [Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth] (Sun Jo Hwang - August 11, 2004)

The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom (Sun Jo Hwang - August 15, 2004)

Additional Information Regarding "The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom" (Sun Jo Hwang - August 18, 2004)

Providential Autumn And The Owner Of Cheon-Il-Guk (Sun Jo Hwang - September 1, 2004)

Urgent Instructions from True Father Regarding the International Peace Conference for Mongolian leaders from around the world and the Mongolian Peoples' Federation For World Peace (Sun Jo Hwang - September 20, 2004)

The Blessed Wives 40-day Special Chung Pyung Workshops (Sun Jo Hwang - September 13, 2004)

Instructions from the 17th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (Sun Jo Hwang - October 14, 2004)

Who Will Be Remembered in History? (Sun Jo Hwang - October 17, 2004)

All Humankind Will Be Welcome (Sun Jo Hwang - November 1, 2004)

Special Prayer Condition (Sun Jo Hwang - November 2, 2004)

Upcoming Events (Sun Jo Hwang - December 20, 2004)

Official Motto (Sun Jo Hwang - January 6, 2005)

Special Blessing of Second Generation (Sun Jo Hwang - January 6, 2005)

Special directions from True Parents and additional matters regarding FFWPUI 2005-2 (Sun Jo Hwang - January 12, 2005)

Celebration of True Parents’ Birthday (Sun Jo Hwang - January 14, 2005)

Special Amnesty From True Parents (Sun Jo Hwang - November 7, 2006)

You have to be engrafted to True Parents (Sun Myung Moon and Sun Jo Hwang - August 8, 2007)

Promoting Filial Piety in China (Kathleen Hwang and Eve Lau - May 2008)

Celebration of the Publication of Father's Biography (Sun Jo Hwang - May 14, 2009)

Not By Bread Alone (David Hwang - January 2010)

The reality and the prospect of God's Providence - slides (Sun Jo Hwang - August 2010 pdf)

Outreach to our Clans Receives New Emphasis (Sun Jo Hwang - September 2010)

Report on the Visit of Dr. Sun Jo Hwang to USA (Annie Gagne - September 21, 2010)

Important Message from Dr. Sun Jo Hwang in Britain (Leonita Zahora - October 2, 2010)

Culture of the Marriage Blessing and Seunghwa Blessing (Sun Jo Hwang - December 11, 2010)

The Completion of True Parents' Responsibility - slides (Sun Jo Hwang - May 20, 2011 pdf)

Eric Palhof's and Mason Hwang's Travel Networks Provide Unificationist Families Free Travel Housing (Ariana Moon and Renee Shaw - July 17, 2012 pdf)

Bo Gun Hwang's Guri Church grows with New Life Festival (June 23, 2013 - Translated from pdf)

Personnel Appointment: Yop Joo Hwang now responsible for mission nations (Michael Balcomb - September 27, 2013 pdf)

No one can put out the fire that burns in our hearts (Thomas Hwang - October 2013)

Thomas (Yop Joo) Hwang Promoted to International Vice President of Family Federation (Douglas Burton - October 2, 2013 pdf)

International Vice-President Thomas Hwang's visit to Albania and Kosovo (March 17, 2014 pdf)

The Pain of a Family Divided (Thomas Hwang - October 2014 pdf)

World Leaders' Convention for the Advancement of Korean Reunification and Peace in Northeast Asia (Thomas Hwang - December 15, 2013)

Examining our FFWPU motto (Thomas Hwang - January 2014)

First International Cheon Seong Gyeong Divine Principle Lecture Contest and Hoon Dok Contest (Thomas Hwang - February 11, 2014)

Me and My Mission (Thomas Hwang - February 14, 2014)

Unification of North and South is achieved by Peace in North-East Asia (In-tae Hwang - May 20, 2015 pdf)

Parenting Workshop at IPEC (Kathleen Hwang and Kimiyo Anceney - August 15, 2015 pdf)

Happy kids: “Remain respectful toward self and others” (Kathleen Hwang and Kimiyo Anceney - August 15, 2015 pdf)

True Love Peace School helps adolescents develop their dreams and talents (In-chun Hwang - December 2015 pdf)

Organizing True Parents' Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung on June 13, 2006 (Sun-jo Hwang - July 2016 pdf)

The Mainstream of God's Providence (Thomas Hwang - September 2016 pdf)

Teaching Sun Moon University professors Divine Principle & Unification Thought (Sun Jo Hwang - October 2016 pdf)

Restructuring of Regions and Reassignment of Personnel - Thomas Hwang (Sung Il Cho - July 26, 2017 pdf)

Inauguration of Asia Regional Group, Chairman Chung Sik Yong and Greater China Regional President Thomas Hwang (Thomas Hwang - August 9, 2017 pdf)

WANGO Seeks Part-time Membership Director (Sun Jo Hwang - August 27, 2017 pdf)

WANGO Seeks Part-time Deputy Secretary General (Sun Jo Hwang - August 28, 2017 pdf)

61 Second Generation from Greater China attend the 2017 Global Top Gun Youth (Thomas Hwang - August 30, 2017 pdf)

Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace of Greater China region and Taiwan (Thomas Hwang - February 4, 2018 pdf)

Inauguration of Filial Piety Association in Hong Kong (Nam-hi Hwang - April 14, 2018 pdf)

STF-Greater China Region graduates its first class of eight STF graduates (Thomas Hwang - September 13, 2018 pdf)

Hong Kong's Confucian Seminar: Cultivating Filial Piety in Contemporary World (Nam-hi Hwang - July 5, 2019 pdf)

FFWPU Hong Kong co-hosts 13th Filial Piety Awards Ceremony - 500 participants (Nam-hi Hwang - July 6, 2019 pdf)

FFWPU Hong Kong & Filial Piety Association's Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing (Nam-hi Hwang - July 7, 2019 pdf)

Chinese People's Federation for World Peace inaugurated in Tokyo, Japan (Thomas Hwang - October 19, 2019 pdf)

President Trump has plenty of issues... but I really appreciate his China policy (N. Hwang - June 4, 2020 pdf)

This unimagined and undeserved grace from Heaven indeed honors my family (Po-guk Hwang - October 15, 2020 pdf)

Strategy Presentations Heavenly Korea: Central Region Leads the Unification of Heavenly Korea! (Bo-guk Hwang - January 8, 2021 pdf)

Epoch-Making Inter-Korean Ties and Peace - A Path to Korean Reunification (Bo-guk Hwang - July 2021 pdf)

Where there is division, Satan is present - Wherever there is peace, God is there (Bo-guk Hwang - July 2021 pdf)

Thinking Of A Heavenly Unified Korea - The Concrete Vision Of A Unified Korea (Jin-tae Joo; Bo-goon Hwang; Yu Gyeong Deuk; Sang-jae Lee and Young-bae Park - January 2022 pdf)

One Million Rally for Korea: One World Centered On Heavenly Parent (Bo-guk Hwang - February 13, 2022 pdf)

Heavenly Korea: Subregion 2: On Starting the 40-day Special Dedication Period for the Victory of the 10th Anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa (Hwang Bo-guk - July 3, 2022 pdf)

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