The Words of the Hwang Family

True Fatherís Direction to All Leaders and Members At Or Under the Age Of 40

Sun Jo Hwang
February 2, 2001

To: Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: FFWPU International Office
Date: February 2, 2001
Re: True Fatherís Direction to All Leaders & Members At or Under the Age of 40

I am writing to inform you of a most significant direction from True Father given at the International Leaders Meeting in the New Yorker Hotel on January 30th, 2001.

At this meeting True Father called Hyun Jin Nim to the stage and declared that all leaders and members at or under the age of 40 are from now on assigned under Hyun Jin Nim and that he has the full personnel decision-making authority over them. Furthermore, True Father directed Hyun Jin Nim to educate and guide them and move the youth movement strongly forward. True Father ordered everyone to fully and completely comply with the direction.

As a first step, Hyun Jin Nim requested that all nations send a complete and accurate list of all leaders at or under the age of 40 to World CARP Headquarters by February 10th, 2001


World CARP Headquarters
34 State Avenue
Ossining, New York 10562

Format of List : Name / DOB / Mission Country / Current Mission / Blessing / Level of formal education attained / Foreign languages spoken / etc.

Let us unite with this important direction from True Father and be ready to respond to Hyun Jin Nimís calling.

Sun Jo Hwang
FFWPU International President

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