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Main Points from the 34th True God's Day

Sun Jo Hwang
January 5, 2001

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To : Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From : FFWPU International Office
Date : January 5, 2001
Title : Main Points from the 34th True God's Day

Happy 34th True God's Day.

We wish you much success during the coming year, the 9th year of Completed Testament Era. May you receive the complete love and blessing of God and True Parents.

The commemorative celebration of the 34th True God's Day was held at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training center.

Motto for the Year (2001)

May the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and the children, by uniting as one mind and one body, fulfill the will of true loveís subjective character, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

During the midnight prayer of January 1, 2001, True Father consoled God's broken heart, for no one had liberated it during 2000 years of history. True Father offered His heartfelt appreciation to God for His thorny path to pioneer the way of liberation, the Heavenly and Earthly Parents and children becoming one heart and one body based on the liberation of God and True Parents at the opening of the Completed Testament Era. This was a new beginning for the third millennium, and establishing the completed condition of God's absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal will in the world.

True Father stated that January 1, 2001 was a first day toward the year of 3000 closing the 2000-year-long history of Christianity on Sunday, December 31, 2000.

True Father explained that the new motto meant that "by becoming one in mind and one in body, the liberated Heavenly and Earthly Parents and the liberated children will perfect the liberated realm of the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth that has true loveís subjective character." He stated that because the previous age of 2000 years up until December 31, 2000--the course of worldwide indemnity centered on the second Israel--had now ended, and a new age, when we were able to achieve the cosmic expansion of the ideal of blessing in this Completed Testament Era centered on this True God's Day, began, the new motto was not just for this one time, but would remain as an eternal motto even in the spiritual world. Thus we should complete the will of the Heavenly and Earthly Parents, knowing how precious the value of family is in this time and making conditions of one heart and one body.

2. Main Directions

a) Change in the Way to End Prayer

Previously we closed our prayers with "I pray in the name of [name], of a blessed family that has inherited True Parentsí realm of victory through the blessing," and on True Childrenís Day another form was adopted for prayer (only) in the home. However, from January 1 on, we are instructed to end our prayers with the slightly modified, "I report in the name of OOO, a central blessed family." Blessed families that have inherited True Parentsí realm of complete victory must live a life of taking responsibility for everything themselves. Father said, "We must report our substantial results daily in front of Godís will from a position of not being ashamed." True Father said that because the age has arrived when we are to report our actual results joyfully and proudly to God as those who are in the position of being in direct communication face to face with Him. That is why we should pray in this way.

Prayer of a blessed member

ex 1) I report in the name of [name of husband or wife], a central blessed family. Amen.

ex 2) I report in the name of [name], son (daughter) of [name of father], a central blessed family. Amen.

Prayer of someone who has not received the blessing

I report in the name of True Parents. Amen.

b) The Holy Wine Ceremony

True Father instructed all blessed families in the world to drink the holy wine once more in order to become a central figure of the new providential age, the settlement age of God's Kingship. It is significant, first as the condition to go beyond the age of the national blessing, second, to be qualified as the person who can attend the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, and third, to establish the standard to become the family in which the kingship is settled, by repenting for our previous wrong life and becoming one heart and one body between the parents and children. Therefore all blessed families should drink the holy wine on a separate occasion from the holy wine ceremony at the Registration Blessing Ceremony they participate in at the Chungpyung Training Center.

a. Order of Holy Wine Ceremony: Holy songs, Kyoungbae, Family pledge, Prayer, Holy Wine ceremony, Prayer of gratitude.

b. Venue for the ceremony: In each home

c. Procedure of drinking the holy wine: Mother - Father - Children

c) Total Living Offering Donation

Father has said that the Total Living Offering Donation has the providential meaning that we can liberate God and offer everything that we own to Heaven. As it is such an important offering, all blessed families should offer this in welcoming the age of registration.

We are instructed that the Total Living Offering donation should not be used for each nation but for the worldwide providence of Heavenly Father. Therefore, by January 31, 2001, the leaders of each nation should report the amount of donation that has been offered up until this time, according to the form below to their Continental HQ.


No. Name Blessing Group Amount Remarks

Husband Wife


From 6 o'clock in the evening the cultural entertainment for True God's Day was held, jointly organized by the Korean and Japanese church headquarters. Notably, some of the True Children (Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin, Kook Jin, Hyung Jin) gave excellent performances, and True Parents sang for the finale. It was a unique moment. We could feel our oneness under the culture of shimjung. All those in attendance made their new resolutions and determinations for the new millennium.

3. Directions for International Leaders Meeting

May God's glory be abundant from 2001 till 3000 !

We are sincerely grateful to meet the age of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven on this new morning of the era of the fourth Adam, passing through a long period of darkness for 2000 years and victoriously transcending the three ages of the indemnity of the first Israel, the second Israel and the third Israel.

May our Heavenly Father welcome the reign of peace! May He say Amen for thousands of years! Thank you. Thank you.

What we must do for God as the people who have completely inherited the liberated realm of Heavenly and Earthly Parents is to become the liberated owner of the realm of the four great realms of heart. True Father gave us twelve directions so that we might complete the liberated realm, as follows:

1. We will perfect the way of true filial sons and daughters.

2. We will perfect the way of true loyal persons.

3. We will perfect the way of true saints and sages.

4. We will perfect the way of true Holy sons and daughters.

5. We will become the owners of the true ideal family.

6. We will become the owners of the true ideal nation.

7. We will become the owners of the true ideal world.

8. We will become the owners of the true ideal cosmos.

9. We will become the owners of the true realm of oneness of God and humankind in love.

10. We will inherit the right of inheritance of true ideal love and hand down from generation to generation.

11. We will receive recognition from the cosmos for being a person perfected in the true love of God.

12. We will become bold people in the restoration of God's fatherland, inheriting God's true love in the cosmos.

Our dear Heavenly Father, please allow our families to inherit Your blessing through all future generations! Amen.

4. Resolutions at the Continental Leaders' Meeting

Each nation will need to prepare for the second 400 million couples blessing in every nation, and in particular to prepare blessing candidates who will participate in the main blessing ceremony in the USA, according to the following information:

1. Each nation should absolutely send one couple to the main ceremony in America, and for this it should prepare three couples as candidates.

2. Blessing documents have been sent to the world mission office in Seoul. But please submit them to your continental office from now on.

3. Attire for the blessing participants in America should be typical traditional wedding dress or national costume.

4. Arrival of participants: Blessing candidates should arrive at the New Yorker Hotel, New York city, by January 25, 2001. They will be able to depart from January 30.

5. Accommodation and meals will be paid for by the WCSF organizing committee. Air tickets for those participants, however, will not be paid for.

Sun Jo Hwang
FFWPU International President 

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