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Change of schedule for Special Workshops for Blessed Husbands and Additional Information

Sun Jo Hwang
October 17, 2001

To : Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From : FFWPU International
Date : October 17, 2001
Title: Change of schedule for Special Workshops for Blessed Husbands and Additional Information

May the blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth be with you.

As True Parents will come to Korea in the near future to host a "Speaking Tour for Cosmic Peace and Unification," the schedule for the blessed husbands workshops, announced on October 10th, is being delayed by one month. Following is the revised schedule and additional information. Please give them your careful attention.

1. Blessed husbands special workshop schedule (Change of schedule )

Workshop #

Workshop Dates

Blessing Groups to Attend


2001.11.21 (Wed) ~ 11.28 (Wed)

36, 72, 124, 430 Couples Blessing


2001.12.05 (Wed) ~ 12.12 (Wed)

43, 777, 1800, 118 Couples Blessing


2001.12.19 (Wed) ~ 12.26 (Wed)

2075, 6000 Couples Blessing


2002.01.09 (Wed) ~ 01.16 (Wed)

6500, 1275 Couples Blessing


2002.01.23 (Wed) ~ 01.30 (Wed)

30,000 Couples Blessing


2002.02.06 (Wed) ~ 02.13 (Wed)

360,000 Couples Blessing


2002.02.20 (Wed) ~ 02.27 (Wed)

40 Million Couples Blessing, 360 Million Couples Blessing, 400 Million Couples Blessing

1. Please note: Previously married blessed husbands and other blessed husbands should ideally attend the workshop that includes their blessing group.

2. Candidates: All blessed husbands from all over the world.

3. Workshop venue: Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.

4. Workshop fee: US$500.00 (600,000 Won)

5. Material to be prepared: Hoondok books (Father's Prayers volumes 1~6, True Parents, Life on Earth and in the Spirit World), Donation, FM radio, white t-shirts (required for clapping sessions and prayer in the Jeongshimwon Prayer Hall), footwear bag, any necessary medicines or personal things, etc.

Additional Information about Special Workshops for Blessed Husbands

1. First Day of the Workshop: Registration is to be completed by 5:00 p.m. The opening ceremony will be at 7:00 p.m.

2. Final Day of the Workshop: The official schedule will finish by 1:00 p.m. Members attending from overseas are welcome to delay their departure until the following day if they do not want to be rushed. If someone wishes to stay more than one day after the workshop is concluded, he should make a donation of 13,000 won (US$10.00) per extra day.

3. Participants: All blessed husbands from all nations You should try to attend the workshop according to your blessing group, but if that is difficult for some reason you may attend a later one. A husband whose wife has not yet attended the "blessed wives' special registration 21-day workshop" may attend this special workshop even so.

4. If you wish to liberate your ancestors (from the 43rd to the 49th generation), then you need to bring a separate offering for their liberation.

5. Other Matters

1) You cannot bring children to the workshop.
2) If you have a condition of mental illness, you may not attend this workshop at this time.
3) If you have a question, please ask Chung Pyung Training Center directly. Tel : (82-31) 589-7136 Fax : (82-31) 584-4336 E-mail :

Sun Jo Hwang

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