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Special 7-day Condition

Sun Jo Hwang
August 25, 2003

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International
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No.: FFWPUI 2003-56
To: Continental Directors, Regional leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: 25 August 2003
Re: Special 7-day Condition

May God and True Parents' love and blessings be with all leaders who are Striving to completely settle Cheon Il Guk.

True Parents declared the Beginning of the Nation of the Fourth Israel on 20 August, and directed that all members worldwide are to offer a special 7-day condition from 25 to 31 August with the serious heart to indemnify 7,000 years.

This is to inform you of True Parents' instructions relating to the special 7-day condition. Therefore, all leaders are asked to make special condition with all members by being one heart, one body and one mindset.

1. Condition Title : Special 7-day Condition

2. Content of Condition to Be Offered

1) Read the recent message from God to the UN and the messages from the former presidents of the United States, and pray that as people living on earth we can fulfill our responsibility as we face this urgent time in the providence.

2) Repent and make a new determination to stand properly in the center of God's providence with a heart that casts no shadow, as at the time of high noon.

3) Pray for the victory of the United Nations providence that will move forward in September.

3. How to Offer the Condition

1) The condition should be offered family by family. Through self-reflection each family must pledge to make a new determination and a new start as we enter the age of the Beginning of the Nation of the Fourth Israel..

2) We must read the messages from the spirit world and pray, and convey the messages to our tribe and neighbors and thus inform them about the new providence.

4. Hoondokhae Material

1) God's Message to the United Nations and the Messages from the Former U.S. Presidents in the Spirit World (Attached file #1, we will send this file as soon as possible)

2) Resolution of the Five Religious Leaders in the Spirit World and Pledge of the Founders and Representatives of the Five Religions (Attached file #2)

Sun Jo Hwang
International President

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