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Announcements about the Events of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004

Sun Jo Hwang
June 24, 2004

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International
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No.: FFWPUI 2004-15
To: Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: June 24, 2004
Re: Announcements about the Events of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004

May the great love and blessings of the Cosmic Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth be upon all nations and blessed families worldwide as we usher in God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom.

We are pleased to announce the events of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004:

1. Name: World Culture and Sports Festival 2004 (WCSF 2004)

2. Period: July 23 (Fri) ~ 27 (Tue), 2004

3. Theme: Establishing a New World Culture of Heart: Innovative Approaches to Peace in a Changing World

4. Location: South Choongcheong Province (cities of Cheonan and Asan), and Seoul

5. Schedule:

WSCF 2004 Opening Ceremony
July 23, 10:00 am
Yoo Gwan-soon Indoor Gymnasium

July 23 -26, At various venues

Closing Ceremony July 26, Sun Moon University, Cheonan Campus


Holy Wine Ceremony, July 25, 19:00 pm, At each accommodation

Blessing Ceremony, July 26, 14:00 pm, Yoo Gwan-soon Indoor Gymnasium

Indemnity Ceremony, July 26, 19:00 pm, At each accommodation

International Conference

Welcoming Banquet, July 23, 19:00 pm, Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul

Opening Ceremony, July 24, 09:00 am, Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul

International Peace Conference, July 24 -26, Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul

Closing Banquet, July 26, 19:00 pm. Little Angels Performing Art Center

Youth & Students

International Education Conference (IEC), July 22-24, Sun Moon University, Cheonan Campus

Mister & Miss University Beauty Pageant, July 17-24, Grand Hilton Hotel

10th Anniversary Event for the Founding of YFWP, July 24, 11:00 am, Holiday-Inn Hotel

World-CARP Convention, July 25, 17:00 pm, Choongnam Students Hall

International Peace Camp, July 25, 10:00 am, Suwon Citizens Hall

Schedule is liable to change according to altered circumstances.

Details of accommodations will be announced at a later date.

6. Schedule Details for the 5th Phase of the Blessing of 400 Million Couples

(1) Date : July 26, 2004 (Mon), 14:00 pm

(2) Venue : Yoo Gwan-soon Indoor Gymnasium

(3) Holy Wine Ceremony : July 25, 2004 (Sun), by lodging

(4) Indemnity Stick Ceremony: July 26, 2004 (Mon), by lodging

(5) Attire

Bridegroom : Dark Blue Suit, White Dress Shirt, Red Necktie, Black Shoes

Bride : White Wedding Dress, White Shoes

White gloves that will be worn by the bride and bridegroom during the ceremony, and the corsage and bouquet for the bride will be provided in the lodgings.

(6) Schedule for Date of Entry/Departure

Due Date of Entry: Participants should arrive in Korea by July 24, 2004 (The organization committee will provide transportation from Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport to the lodgings on July 23 and 24) Departures will begin from July 27, 2004 (Continents may prepare separate schedule for departures.) Information for entry visas to Korea and details for departure schedules will be notified to you at a later date.

7. Continental Staff

Please assign one person from each Continental Headquarters to be the continental staff for this event. Please notify who the person is by July 15.

Sun Jo Hwang
International President

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