The Words of the Korthuis Family

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777 Couples Wedding Day, October 21, 1970 (Jack Korthuis - October 23, 1970)

The consolidation of Las Vegas and Los Angeles has been set (Jack Korthuis - July 8, 1971)

Father, we are so anxious for you to come to the United States (Jack and Gladys Korthuis - August 7, 1971)

Restoration of our house on Courtney still goes on (Jack and Gladys Korthuis - August 10, 1971)

Young Oon Kim visited and talked at length about America's mission (Jack Korthuis - September 8, 1971)

We enjoyed a great depth of growth and felt Father's love (Jack Korthuis - October 1, 1971)

Unification (Jack W. Korthuis - November 1971)

Report of the visitation of the True Parents to Los Angeles, CA (Jack Korthuis - December 11 and 12, 1971)

Religious Reversal: East Converting West – interview of Jack Korthuis (John Dart, Los Angeles Times Religion Writer - May 7, 1972 pdf)

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