The Words of the Korthuis Family


Jack W. Korthuis
November 1971
Los Angeles Center

As we study the New Testament, especially the letters to the various churches written by Paul, we see they were not free from having to deal with many problems, many different kinds of interpretations, many different kinds of personalities, many diverse situations which arose to cause confusion and division within the early forming Christian Church. And as we look further into history we see that the Christian Church had a fantastic struggle at the time of the Council at Nicaea when the Nicene Creed was formed and the Bible was being canonized. We find that there were factions within the Christian Church who were actually accusing each other of heresy, throwing each other out of the Christian body that was forming, and actually destroying each other's lives because of differences of belief and interpretation. We further examine history and find that the church that was formed divided almost constantly up until our present time, and that the advent of Protestantism approximately 400 years ago caused further diversity of beliefs and dogmas and doctrines which have tended to confuse the Christian world, and to divide it to the point where it is practically useless as a single force on the earth.

In God's new dispensation we must closely guard against division of any kind. We must constantly serve the central point of God's dispensation on the earth and follow the leadership and patterns of restoration as given to us by our most powerful Leader. We must refrain from accusing each other of heresy. We must appreciate the specific principles which God has given us and also realize that these same principles, when applied and understood become so vast that we cannot comprehend the expansive nature of them. We must as Jesus said, put the best construction on everything. That means to give our brothers and sisters the benefit of the doubt before we judge them.

The Unification Church is developing all over the earth. In Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe. We must guard against division between nations. We must learn to understand the customs of other nations and the uniqueness of each other's nation. Within the cities of every country we must realize that God is developing a unique expression, and that unique expression is beautiful within itself, and very much united with the basic principle that God has given us. Within any city we must realize that one center of activity may very likely be different from another center of activity, and we need to have understanding for those differences. In individual centers we have to realize that each person is a different kind of expression of the nature of God and that individuals must learn to grow at a different pace or rate of growth and that individuals will be very diversified in expression. So from a world level to the individual level we must always have understanding and love.

Above all we need to serve the True Parents first, the leadership of the nation second and the leadership of the city or region third. In this way we will achieve our individual relationship with God and grow to a perfected expression of His nature.

Unification is the first order of our lives. Subjugating our own egos to follow is more important than making a name for ourselves. Even though one may lead, there is always a higher center to follow. Therefore, no matter in what position we find ourselves, we need to be a child. We need to be humble and willing to subjugate ourselves to the truth, to our True Parents and to God. Unity has been very strongly on my mind and I just want to express to my brothers and sisters throughout the world, that I love them and I have faith that our Heavenly Father will lead us to a victory on the face of his planet. 

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