The Words of the Korthuis Family

We enjoyed a great depth of growth and felt Father's love

Jack Korthuis
October 1, 1971
Los Angeles, California

Greetings from Los Angeles to our Beloved True Parents! September has been a busy month for us. Besides our regular teaching of the Principle we just completed a program of deepening for older members and a training session for new members -- while these were in session, we had a support team to cook, teach, answer phones, and take care of emergencies.

We enjoyed a great depth of grow and felt Father's love in a new way.

Adrian Dellas and Gary Fleisher returned from their Far Eastern tour and Bruce Brown also arrived in America after 14 months in Korea. Our brother, Bob Heater, felt a call to Denver. He is now serving there.

Marion Dougherty is directing the new center in Alhambra and soon we hope to have another center close to us here. We are really getting happily overcrowded here.

Our Sunday meetings are being held in a public building, suitable to our needs; not too far from the center. We have been inviting outside speakers and in this way we are able to invite the public. Then we bring them to the center for a buffet and open house. we have made many friends of the Family by this source.

We pray that you all well and hope that soon you will come to America.

Our deepest love,
Los Angeles Family 

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