The Words of the Korthuis Family

Report of the visitation of the True Parents to Los Angeles, CA

Jack Korthuis
December 11 and 12, 1971
Leader of Los Angeles Unification Church

About twenty minutes before 4 a.m. on December 11th, I was awakened with a telephone call from Mr. Oyamada, Vice President of HSA-UWC Japan, informing me that our Leader and his party would be arriving in Los Angeles at 6:55 p.m. that day on Pan American Airlines flight # 2. I hung up the phone, turned out the light and went back to bed. Then Gladys said, "Don't you think we should do some planning?" I immediately realized the content of the conversation that had just taken place and assembled the key members in the Los Angeles region to make preparations for our Leader's visit. We began to plan the next sixteen hours which was the time of preparation before our Leader's arrival.

All family members went to greet our Leader. We brought with us songs, flags and flowers, and excited hearts. With us were four men from the San Francisco area; David Kim, Mr. Chee, John Schmidli and Steve Mudgett. We sang the Korean National Anthem, Arirang, and Tongil as we awaited the physical and spiritual presence of our True Parents. When they arrived, we greeted them with flowers and love, and our Leader shook hands with many of our members. We then stopped in the restaurant for a few moments while preparations were made for their flight to Toronto, Canada on December -12th. After this matter was taken care of, we proceeded to the main center. Our Leader and his party went to their rooms and freshened up from their long journey from Japan to the United States. Then our Leader called all those who were of blessed marriages to his room. We greeted him in the traditional way, after which he came into our meeting chamber to address the family.

His first speech was a speech of greeting, and he talked very much about America and world-wide political problems. Then he had a question and answer period. All the people at that meeting had heard all the principle, so he felt free to speak openly. He began speaking about 10:30 p.m. and concluded about 2:30 a.m. December 12th. It was a charged atmosphere of excitement as he addressed the family. Interpreting for the Leader as he spoke to us was Mr. Young-Whi Kim, International President of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. During the question and answer period, David Kim interpreted for our Leader. After his discussion with the family, our Leader's party then had something to eat and retired. At five a.m., we had a pledge service, after which our Leader had some tea and candies. They then rested further. During the morning, our Leader spoke with some of his Korean followers by telephone who are presently living in the United States.

At 9:30 a. December 12th, he came to our meeting hall to address the family once again. This time Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi interpreted for him. On Sunday morning, he spoke to us about spiritual responsibility, the systematic development of our movement and of the growth of our hearts in relationship to God. At about 10:45, we made final preparations to leave for the airport. At 11:00 a.m., he and his party departed for the Los Angeles airport.

We all went enmasse once again to the airport to say goodbye to our beloved True Parents. While at the airport, he told me that the mission of the American Family was to unite Christianity, to unite both Catholic and Protestants, to unite and work with the fundamental and liberal camps within the scope of Christendom.

He wants to begin something like the Billy Graham Crusades and perhaps call it "The International Revival Crusade." He is now preparing funds for such a venture. In the United States, he wants us to work with leaders of the churches and ministers by sponsoring seminars such as the ones conducted in Korea. He also wants us to hold seminars for university professors, and to seek out those who are truly responsive to the message which we bring the world. As it came time for him to depart, we all stood and shouted Aboji -- Monsei! Three times, and then Omoni Monsei! Three times. Our True Parents and party walked to the plane waving all the way, saying goodbyes and shaking hands as they went. And all present began to cry. Sad in a way to see him go, but full of joy in our hearts to have had him with us for a few hours.

Needless to say, the Los Angeles Family is really super-charged to carry on the absolutely vital work of spreading the Kingdom of God on earth. And we are determined to make our efforts ten times more powerful than they have ever been in the past. We tried to represent the United States in the highest tradition of its members and pray that you will all be greatly blessed by the news of our Leader's visit. 

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