The Words of Hyung Jin Moon and his supporters from 2018

 Table of Contents

The Words of Hyung Jin Moon Table of Contents

Hyung Jin Moon Biography (January 2018 pdf)

Inherit the King of Kings Culture! (Richard A. Panzer - January 2, 2018 pdf)

The Rod of Iron Culture (Richard A. Panzer - January 8, 2018 pdf)

Support Vaccine Choice-It is a Basic Human Right Denied by West Virginia (Richard Urban - January 11, 2018 pdf)

Holy Spirit University Spring 2018 Catalog (January 14, 2018 pdf)

Why Father Was So Hard on Sisters (Richard A. Panzer - January 15, 2018 pdf)

February 28, 2018 Cosmic True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity Cheon Il Guk Book of Life Registration Blessing Ceremony (Hyung Jin Moon - January 15, 2018 pdf)

Receive the Substantial Blessing on the Cosmic Level (Commentary by Christian Seeburger - For Public Release – January 21, 2018 pdf)

Four Levels of the Cheon Il Guk Book of Life Registration Blessing (Timothy Elder - For Public Release – January 21, 2018 pdf)

Hyung Jin Moon addresses Arms for Defense Conference in Europe (Richard A. Panzer - January 23, 2018 pdf)

Important Update on the Cheon Il Guk Book of Life Registration Blessing Ceremony on February 28, 2018 (January 23, 2018 pdf)

Rod of Iron Ministries Festival of Grace (January 23, 2018 pdf)

The Back Up Plan (Richard A. Panzer - January 30, 2018 pdf)

The Staff and the Rod of Iron in Divine Principle (Regis Hanna - February 5, 2018 pdf)

Who is the Blessing for? (Richard A. Panzer - February 5, 2018 pdf)

Cosmic True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity Cheon Il Guk Book of Life Registration Blessing approved by His Majesty the Second King of Cheon Il Guk (Timothy Elder - February 7, 2018 pdf)

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) puts Sanctuary Church on Hate Watch List (Richard A. Panzer - February 13, 2018 pdf)

Clarification regarding the February 28, 2018 "Cosmic True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity Cheon Il Guk Book of Life Registration Blessing" Ceremony (February 13, 2018 - pdf)

The Rod of Iron Controversy (Richard A. Panzer - February 19, 2018 pdf)

Dreher Township, PA Parents Concerned over Sanctuary Church and Rod of Iron Ministries led by the Reverend Sean Moon's Blessing Involving Assault Weapons (Jim Hamill - February 19, 2018 pdf)

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon's World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, PA Urges Couples to Bring AR-15 Rifles to Blessing Ceremony (D. Singleton - February 20, 2018 pdf)

Pastor Hyung Jin Moon's The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, PA to Hold Four-Day Celebration of Assault Rifles (Frances Ruth Harris - February 20, 2018 pdf)

Sanctuary Church of Newfoundland, Wayne County, Pennsylvania Blesses AR15s (David Singleton - February 21, 2018 pdf)

We Do Not Serve The World, We Do Not Serve Man, We Serve God! (Hyung Jin Moon - February 22, 2018 pdf)

Nothing Illegal, Nothing Immoral (Jim Stephens - February 22, 2018 pdf)

The Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, PA is not Blessing Guns - Open Letter from Pastor Hyung Jin Moon (February 26, 2018 pdf)

Open Letter from Hyung Jin Moon (Richard A. Panzer - February 26, 2018 pdf)

Historic CIG Blessing Held in Newfoundland, PA! (Richard A. Panzer - February 28, 2018 pdf)

2nd CIG Book of Life Registration Cosmic Blessing Ceremony King of CIG Blessing Prayer (February 28, 2018 - Newfoundland, PA pdf)

Couples clutching AR-15 rifles renew wedding vows at Pastor Hyung Jin Moon's controversial Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania (Amir Vera - March 1, 2018 pdf)

Hyung Jin Moon's Sanctuary Church: Faith and firearms - Commitment ceremony (Jim Lockwood - March 1, 2018 pdf)

The Newscast Heard Around the World! (Richard A. Panzer - March 5, 2018 pdf)

Hyung Jin Nim's 2.28 Book of Life Blessing Prayer (Richard A. Panzer - March 7, 2018 pdf)

My Spiritual Experience with True Father (Gilson Oliveira - March 22, 2018 pdf)

Hak Ja Han's Words at Famicon 2018 - My Response (Jim Stephens - March 26, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Husbands Apologize... (Richard A. Panzer - April 3, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Apology and Andrew Wilson (Richard A. Panzer - April 9, 2018 pdf)

10th Year Anniversary of Father's Prayer Over Youngest Son (Richard A. Panzer - April 18, 2018 pdf)

The King’s Report (Tim Elder - April 21, 2018 pdf)

Providential Time Identity, the 1970s and our Time (Richard A. Panzer - April 23, 2018 pdf)

Hidden History after Father's Passing (Richard A. Panzer - April 29, 2018 pdf)

How is a Predator Made? (Richard A. Panzer - May 7, 2018 pdf)

The Heart of Self-Defense (Richard A. Panzer - May 14, 2018 pdf)

Washington Post's Article on Sanctuary Church (Richard A. Panzer - May 21, 2018 pdf)

Locked and Loaded for the Lord - The Washington Post (Tom Dunkel - May 21, 2018 pdf)

Rod of Iron Kingdom Book Launched! (Richard A. Panzer - May 28, 2018 pdf)

Proud to be "Unbalanced!" (Richard A. Panzer - June 4, 2018 pdf)

Dear Sanctuary Church Parent with a child of matching age: (Dorit Smith and Rosemary Yokoi - June 12, 2018 pdf)

RNS Press Release: "AR15 Pastor" releases Rod of Iron Kingdom book (Regis Hanna - June 14, 2018 pdf)

Virtuous daily achievements expanded to the four corners (Don Herd - June 14, 2018 pdf)

Suffering and Liberation (Hyun Shil Kang - June 16, 2017 pdf)

Surprising Response to A&E Documentary re Sanctuary! (Richard A. Panzer - June 20, 2018 pdf)

More Surprising Responses to A&E Documentary! (Richard A. Panzer - June 26, 2018 pdf)

World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Inc. Balance Sheet Comparison (June 30, 2018 pdf)

Hyung Jin Nim at June 30 Rally for Freedom!​ (Richard A. Panzer - July 2, 2018 pdf)

Freedom and Liberty (Marie Koh - July 2, 2018 pdf)

A Woman’s 40-Day Plan to Reinvent a Marriage! (Mary Hapeman - July 2, 2018 pdf)

The Crown and the Rod of Iron (Hamish Robertson - July 4, 2018 pdf)

C-SPAN Airs Interview re Rev. Moon's Inheritor, Hyung Jin Nim (Richard A. Panzer - July 9, 2018 pdf)

Kimie Herring's testimony (July 9, 2018 pdf)

PA Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner repudiates Rev. Hyung Jin Sean Moon (Julian Routh - July 10, 2018 pdf)

God's new Operating System! (Richard A. Panzer - July 23, 2018 pdf)

HSA-UWC action against World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, Inc. (US District Court Filing - July 30, 2018 pdf)

Unification Church claims Sanctuary Church's logo infringes on their trademark (Terrie Morgan-Besecker - August 1, 2018 pdf)

Church lawsuit against gun-toting Pennsylvania minister Hyung "Sean" Jin Moon (Steve Esack - August 2, 2018 pdf)

FFWPU Sues Sanctuary - Part 2 (Richard A. Panzer - August 6, 2018 pdf)

You are invited to the August 18th Sanctuary Blessed Life Zoom Call! (Dorit Smith and Rosemary Yokoi - August 7, 2018 pdf)

Original Substance of Divine Principle - Slides (August 9, 2018 - Sanctuary Church Version pdf)

Guest Pastor re FFWPU Lawsuit: "I Speak to Your Shame!" (Richard A. Panzer - August 14, 2018 pdf)

How can we not respect the words of Christ?! (YuJin Y. Kim - August 14, 2018 pdf)

How to win your mind wars... (Richard A. Panzer - August 20, 2018 pdf)

Finding Father 6 Years After His Ascension! (Richard A. Panzer - August 28, 2018 pdf)

I Will Make You a Pillar in My Father's House! (Richard A. Panzer - September 3, 2018 pdf)

In My Father's Arms (Alexander Gaigg - September 6, 2018 pdf)

Update on my Resignation from FFWPU, 3 Years Later (Jim Stephens - September 9, 2018 pdf)

Jim Stephens - Update on my Resignation from FFWPU (Richard A. Panzer - September 10, 2018 pdf)

7/13-14/2018 Legal Deposition of Hak Ja Han, the Only Begotten Daughter (Richard A. Panzer - September 17, 2018 pdf)

7/14/18 Han Mother Legal Deposition- Part 2 (Richard A. Panzer - September 24, 2018 pdf)

You are invited to the October 6th Sanctuary Blessed Life Zoom Call for 1st Generation, Parents, and Advocates! (Dorit Smith - September 26, 2018 pdf)

World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, Inc. - Statement Of Financial Position (Hyung Jin Moon - September 30, 2018 pdf)

7/14/18 Deposition- Church of the Only Begotten Daughter (Richard A. Panzer - October 1, 2018 pdf)

True Father vs. HJH Deposition - New Divine Principle! (Richard A. Panzer - October 8, 2018 pdf)

Reading of True Mother Kang’s Message (Hyun Shil Kang - October 8, 2018 pdf)

Jim Stephens- 6 Ways Hak Ja Han Denies Christ (Richard A. Panzer - October 15, 2018 pdf)

Mike Balcomb: "Bless Gay Couples" (Richard A. Panzer - October 22, 2018 pdf)

FFWPU: "Bless Gay, Cohabiting Couples" Part 2 (Richard A. Panzer - November 2, 2018 pdf)

I am resigning as Metro DC Coordinator of the Sanctuary Church (Richard Urban - November 4, 2018 pdf)

When you love, you are taking a Stand! (Richard A. Panzer - November 7, 2018 pdf)

Veteran of Warfare? (Richard A. Panzer - November 12, 2018 pdf)

Peace Starts... Without Christ? (Richard A. Panzer - November 14, 2018 pdf)

I Am In Prison With You! (Ena Noelscher - November 14, 2018 pdf)

Peace Starts with… Pt. 2 -The Awakening (Richard A. Panzer - November 20, 2018 pdf)

Shocking Response to 700,000 Views VICE Documentary! (Richard A. Panzer - November 27, 2018 pdf)

True Father Lamented One Month Before His Ascension (Melik Patchadjian - December 1, 2018 pdf)

Comments on One Million Views Vice Documentary! Pt3 (Richard A. Panzer - December 3, 2018 pdf)

Yesterday I Had a Dream (Ena Noelscher - December 3, 2018 pdf)

Meeting an Angel in Walmart! (Richard A. Panzer - December 10, 2018 pdf)

The EU’s War Against the Christian UK (Marie Koh - December 10, 2018 pdf)

Indemnity condition of 40 days fasting for Unity of Mongolian God's salvation (Sanduijav Azjargal - December 19, 2018 pdf)

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