The Words of the Pople Family

 Table of Contents


How The World Began

How Things Went Wrong

Noah And His Family

Abraham And Isaac

Jacob And Esau

Joseph And His Brothers

Bible - Moses

A Leader Is Born

God Prepares Moses

God Prepares His People

God Delivers His People

Bible - Moses - Lessons Learned in the Wilderness

Wilderness Lesson 1: Trust

Wilderness Lesson 2: Leadership

Wilderness Lesson 3: Obedience

Wilderness Lesson 4: Worship

Wilderness Lesson 5: Faith

Wilderness Lesson 6 - Tradition

Missionary Journeys and Life Experience

Facing Fear in Central Africa

Finding God in Moscow

Journeys of Heart in Mexico

Planting Seeds in Lithuania

Resurrection in Central Africa

Slow Train to Moscow

Two Red Roses

First Love

The Problem of Justification (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - October 1971)

International Bus Teams Launched (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - August 27, 1973 pdf)

Meet the New Way of the World (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1973 pdf)

New Properties - Barrytown and East Garden (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - August 1973 pdf)

New Hope Comes To America (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1973 pdf)

The Late Great Planet Earth (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1973 pdf)

The Gnostic Challenge to Christianity -- Part 1 (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1973 pdf)

New Hope for America (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - October 1973 pdf)

Modern Science and Moral Values (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - October 1973 pdf)

World Council of Churches Under Fire (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - October 1973 pdf)

This month's Unification Church USA News (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - October 1973 pdf)

What does the fate of a country depend upon? (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - November 1973 pdf)

The Early Christian Church (II) - The Development of Christology (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - November 1973 pdf)

Soviet Scientists Discover New Energy (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - November 1973 pdf)

1973's crises and suffering can have value (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - December 1973 pdf)

The Early Christian Church Controversy in the Councils (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - December 1973 pdf)

Arabic Families In America - An interview of Father Louis Mahshie (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - December 1973 pdf)

Forgive, Love, Unite Becomes Rally Cry (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - December 1973 pdf)

The Day of Hope tour in Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit and Kansas City (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - December 1973 pdf)

In America the Unification Church is on the verge of becoming a powerful force (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - January 1974 pdf)

The Just Shall Live by Faith -- Thoughts on the Letter to the Romans (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - January 1974 pdf)

Toward the World Soul an Introduction to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - February 1974 pdf)

The House of Lie and the House of Song -- Zoroastrian Influence in the West (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - February 1974 pdf)

John the Baptist, Wilderness Prophet (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - March 1974 pdf)

I'm going to the Day of Hope program in Madison Square Garden (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - April 1974 pdf)

Ginseng Tea, Anyone? (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - April 1974 pdf)

HSA-UWC: A Brief History (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - May 1974 pdf)

HSA-UWC: Highlights of Recent Years (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - May 1974 pdf)

Celebration of Life three nights of song, dance, inspiration and two-day workshop (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - July 1974 pdf)

Audience Response to Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusades' Celebration of Life (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - July 1974 pdf)

219 Students Join 2nd International Leadership Seminar in Barrytown, New York (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - July 1974 pdf)

A Floating Four Position Foundation at Memphis (Tennessee) State University (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - July 8, 1974 pdf)

Three Days at the Capitol Praying and Fasting for the Future of America (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - July 25, 1974 pdf)

The Korean Folk Ballet Greets You as Kings and Queens (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - August 1974 pdf)

Countdown to September 18 (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - August 1974 pdf)

The Unification Church works for Rev. Moon's Madison Square Garden Event (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1974 pdf)

The Messiah - The Last Hope for Mankind -- At Madison Square Garden (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 19, 1974 pdf)

80,000 Posters for Rev. Moon at Madison Square Garden - A World of Blue (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - September 1974 pdf)

Madison Square Garden follow-up program for New York Churches (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - October 1974 pdf)

Who Is a Christian? (Joy Pople - January 1975 pdf)

A Summary of Reverend Sun Myung Moon's the Day of Hope 1974 Tour (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - January 1975 pdf)

Are You Needed? -- Ideas developed from recent speeches Sun Myung Moon (Joy Pople - February 1975 pdf)

The IOWC Global Team Meets Japan (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - February 1975 pdf)

Takeru Kamiyama reports on activities in New York after Madison Square Garden (Joy Schmidt [Pople] - February 1975 pdf)

We have been racking our brains for ways of moving the hearts of Mexicans (Joy Schmidt Pople - December 1975 pdf)

Other Missionaries say to us: I sure hope somebody can have success in Africa (One of Our Unification Church Missionaries in Africa - February 1977 pdf)

I took a short trip into the jungle to find a location for a future news article (From a Unification Church Missionary in South America - February 1977 pdf)

The Theological Basis for Mission: An Evangelical View (Joy Pople - July 1980)

Sixty Attend International Workshop (Joy Pople - November 1980)

ICUS Scholars Search For Peace And Absolute Values (Joy Pople - November 1980)

PWPA Expands (Joy Pople - November 29, 1980)

New Era Advisors Respond To Father (Joy Pople - December 1980)

Christian Theology of Missions: Ecumenical Views (Joy Pople - April 1981)

How To Pioneer Witness - Summer Witnessing Campaigns (Joy Pople - August 1981)

Brazilian Family Confronts Fierce Persecution (Joy Pople - October 1981)

Professors World Peace Academy Meetings (Joy Pople - November 11, 1981)

Behind The Scenes At ICUS (Joy Pople - November 12, 1981)

ICUS Discussion Highlights (Joy Pople - November 13, 1981)

God: The Contemporary Discussion (Joy Pople - April 1982)

Landmark High Court Decisions Vindicate Our Church (Joy Pople - June 1982)

Editing By Commute (Joy Pople - October 1982)

A Tapestry of Heroes -- The Greatest International Blessing (Joy Pople - November 1982)

Eleventh ICUS: More About Creating A New World (Joy Pople - December 1982)

Fundraising Story - Nice Police (Joy Pople - February 18, 1999)

General Questions About the Heavenly Constitution (Joy Pople - May 26, 2001)

Following the Steps of Heroes of Faith (Joy Pople - April 6, 2004)

Brief Reflection on 5th Peace Pilgrimage, April 2004 (Joy Pople - April 9, 2004)

Brief Reflection on 5th Peace Pilgrimage, April 2004 (Joy Pople - April 17, 2004)

ACLC Fellowship (Joy Pople - September 15, 2004)

The 10th Day of the Israel Pilgrimage (Joy Pople - October 2004)

The 11th Day of the Israel Pilgrimage (Joy Pople - October 2004)

The 12th Day of the Israel Pilgrimage - Power Equal to Our Tasks - A Day in Bethlehem (Joy Pople - October 2004)

Waking up the Original, True Woman in Each of Us (Joy Schmidt Pople - November 2004)

Waking up the Original, True Woman in Each of Us (Joy Schmidt Pople - November 5, 2004)

ACLC National Convocation December 12 - 14 (Joy Schmidt Pople - December 29, 2004)

Middle East Peace Initiative - 29th Mission to the Middle East (Joy Pople - April 10 - 16, 2007)

Cracking The Walls Of Hate And Fear (MEPI) (Joy Pople - April 18, 2007)

A Call for Fruitful Dialogue between the US and the UN (Joy Pople - October 22, 2007)

The Role of Women in Social Transformation (Joy Pople - March 9, 2010)

Expanding the Peace Generation at the UPF Assembly (Joy Pople - November 21, 2010)

Joy Pople's visit to Japan (Nick Bikkal - January 29, 2011)

UPF Character Education Program Expands (Joy Pople - April 20, 2011)

UPF Chapters Commemorate World Interfaith Harmony Week 2012 (Joy Pople - February 7, 2012)

The Devil and David S.C. Kim: A Testimony from the Early Years (Joy Schmidt Pople - December 11, 2012 pdf)

UPF Summit Addresses Peace, Security, and Development (Joy Pople - February 24, 2013 pdf)

The Many Faces of UPF Explored in Montreal (Joy Pople - April 22, 2013)

UN Diplomats Welcome Global Day of Parents (Joy Pople - June 4, 2013)

Building Momentum for Nations of Peace (Joy Pople - August 24, 2013)

Leadership Conference Envisions Canada as a Welcoming Family (Joy Pople - October 5, 2013)

Mending the rifts in my family and the world (Joy Pople - December 2013)

Toward a New Paradigm for Peace and Human Development (Joy Pople - February 13, 2014 pdf)

World Summit 2014 Addresses Peace, Security and Development (Joy Pople - August 13, 2014)

The Relevance of Interreligious Dialogue to Sustainable Development (Joy Pople - February 27, 2015 pdf)

Growing in Heart in Mexico -- A 1975 Unification Church Missionary Testimony (Joy Pople - May 2017 pdf)

Creating the Unification Church of Mexico - My First Steps (Joy Pople - January 3, 2018 pdf)

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