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Joy Pople's visit to Japan

Nick Bikkal
January 29, 2011

Here's a little biography that Joy sent me. She'd like to meet people from Mexico, Congo and/or Mississippi, places she worked and has interest in.

Joy will be here 2 nights, Feb 10 and 11. She'll leave Feb 12.

If you have memories to share you're invited to spend a few moments with her and I and a few others. She will be coming through Japan on the way back home to the States after attending some of the festivities in Korea.


Joy Pople Biography

I grew up a Mennonite, a conservative religious group where people try to take serious Jesus' call to discipleship. My parents were outraged that I became apostate and eloped... but I have a deep love for studying the Bible. I am a lay minister at our local Episcopal church.

I studied literature and psychology and have worked as a social worker and spent 10 years directing the Volunteer Center in our town. The mission of a Volunteer Center is to mobilize people and resources to meet community needs, and I gained a deep appreciation for community values that are still alive in small towns.

I have self-published books and have been encouraging other people to self-publish books. I would love to talk with anybody who has written family histories, kept journals, writes novels or poetry, and show them how they can self-publish.

I pioneered the state of Mississippi in the US in 1972 and was sent as a missionary to Mexico in 1975, where I spent 4 years. My heart's desire had been to go to Africa, and for several years we had African students at UTS staying in our home. Is there anybody nearby from Mississippi USA, Mexico, or Africa?

Currently I am Assistant Communications Director at UPF, where I manage content for our website,, and edit UPF Today magazine (which is produced in several languages) and Dialogue and Alliance journal. I'm interested in meeting international people who are living in Japan who may have special interests in their homeland or Japanese who are national messiahs or carrying out special projects in other nations, to strategize creative ways to improve the effectiveness of our electronic resources.

I love to make music videos and can show anyone who is interested a clever way to create them.

Maybe something in the above will strike a chord with another person.


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