The Words of the Mito Family

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The National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) Vision Statement (Kizushi Mito - June 9, 2006)

The 1st National College Age Student Assembly (tentative) "Working together towards the new future of college youth" (Kizushi Mito - June 9, 2006)

1st National College-Age Student Assembly- July 3-5, 2006 at UTS (Kazushi Mito - June 30, 2006)

The Commemorative Event of the 40th Anniversary of W-CARP (Kizushi Mito - October 29, 2006)

Winter Break Divine Principle Workshop (Kazushi Mito - November 28, 2006)

Let All College Age Youth Know: 7-day workshop (Kazushi Mito - June 14, 2007)

Spring Break Workshop for College-Age (Kazushi Mito - March 16, 2008)


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