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Winter Break Divine Principle Workshop

Kazushi Mito
November 28, 2006

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Dear CARP Leaders and District Leaders,

We appreciate and respect your continual investment in supporting Godís providence and preparing for the future by educating 2nd Generation in your respective areas. This letter is to inform you about a national 7-Day Divine Principle workshop for college aged Blessed Children.

For all 2nd Generation, understanding the DP is integral in realizing oneís own identity as Blessed Children in relationship to God, TP, True Family, and their own parents. Unfortunately, there has not been many opportunities in the past for college aged Blessed children to study the Divine Principle thoroughly together with their peers.

Therefore, this winter break, which is one of best times for college students to gather, we will be having a full 7-Day Divine Principle workshop including Fatherís course, Blessing Education, and Life of Faith Guidance for all college-age Blessed Children from Jan 2nd -10th at UTS. Please encourage all potential participants to attend from your local districts & regions. If you have any further questions about this workshop, please contact Naokimi at 914-471-2053. Thank you very much.

Summary Schedule: Jan 2nd, 4pm Registration Jan 3rd Ė 7th Divine Principle Jan 8th Fatherís Course Jan 9th Blessing Education & Life of Faith Guidance Jan 10th, 10am Departure

Lectures: Rev. Kazushi Mito, Rev. Hiroshi Higashino, Naokimi Ushiroda, and others to be confirmed.

Click here for a more detailed schedule.

Sincerely Yours,

Vice President
Kazushi Mito

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