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Let All College Age Youth Know: 7-day workshop

Kazushi Mito
June 14, 2007

Dear college-age students, community leaders and district leaders,

W-CARP USA is hosting a 7-Day workshop for college age members in response to Hyun Jin Nim's request to provide basic life of faith training for college age members every summer.

Participants should be able to translate lessons from experiences in the workshop to practices which they can use in their daily life of faith. As young adults, striving towards building a family centered on God and a career aligned with God's Dream we have much to inherit and learn to help us grow.

7-Day Life of Faith Workshop

A. Theme: Discovering God's hope in me

B. Dates: June 17-24

C. Location: Camp Sunrise

D. Cost: $210

E. Content: Orientation, Team building (1 day), Fundraising experience & education (2 days) Reflection & Testimonies (1 day) Divine Principle education (3 days) STF Commencement ceremony (1 day).

F. Target Participants: College Age Members

G. Contact Person: Kenshu Aoki

If it is possible, Hyun Jin Nim may be able to come to one day to deliver a special address to the participants.

To register, fill out the online registration form at the following website: We look forward to your participation.


Kazushi Mito
President, W-CARP USA

7-Day Life of Faith Workshop (June 17-24) Schedule Outline

Theme: Discovering God's hope in me

June 17 Registration (10am-11am), Orientation, Team activity, FR Education

June 18 Fundraising education & experience

June 19 Fundraising education & experience

June 20 Reflection & Testimonies

June 21 Divine Principle Lectures (Creation, Fall, Restoration Intro, 3 families)

June 22 Divine Principle Lectures (Parallels, Second Advent), Study, & DP Test

June 23 Divine Principle Lecturing Contest & Certification

June 24 Life of Faith Guidance & STF Commencement

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