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The Commemorative Event of the 40th Anniversary of W-CARP

Kizushi Mito
October 29, 2006

On past October 21st, World CARP (World President, Hyun Jin Moon, President of Korea Yoo Kyeong Dook) successfully held its 40th Anniversary Convention at Sunmoon University in Asan, Chungnam. CARP had appealed to Korean society during 1970's and 80's through criticizing Communism and spreading unification movement of North and South Korea.

This day, The Commemorative Event started with a report on activities followed by awarding of the contributors, President Hyun Jin Moon's speech, and etc. 1000 participants who gathered there included members and successive presidents and they strongly determined to make a new jump.

In his speech, Jin Man Kwak, World CARP Executive Vice President mentioned as follows: "Since year 2000, with the inauguration of President Hyun Jin Moon, World CARP has developed various activities such as interaction of north and south Korean college student, development of global leadership training program, Service For Peace movement, social service in local community, establishing research center for education."

At the event, successive presidents of World CARP Korea such as Hyun Soo Hwang (2nd), Jeong Hwan Kwak (3rd), Bong Tae Kim (4th,6th), Dae Oh Son (5th), Dong Mo Shin (7th), Yeong Jun Kim(8th), Kyeong Hyo Kim(9th) and Hideo Oyamada Japanese president received merit award from President Moon.

World CARP now strives to bring up young leadership under the four core values, "living for the greater good", "ownership", "teamwork" and "dream big", to realize the ideal of one global family, and at the moment, 100,000 members in 160 countries around the world takes active role in the movement.

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