The Words of the Mito Family

The National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) Vision Statement

Kizushi Mito
June 9, 2006

The National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) will raise young leaders who will be the forerunners in transforming America and supporting the establishment of one God-centered human family


NLTP is a half-year to one-year program specializing in the education of college students and college graduates to become exemplary leaders who can serve and transform communities through the college campuses. We believe the foundation of leadership is a lifestyle of living for the greater good and the establishment of one’s own God-centered ideal family. Therefore, NLTP will provide cognitive and experiential education to challenge one’s limitations, practice a principled life style, and develop a God-centered viewpoint.

Program Design:

Internal Competencies:

NLTP provides fundraising and witnessing trainings to build up internal leadership capabilities such as "alignment to the vertical axial line", "living for sake of others", "ownership", "teamwork" and "dream big",

External Leadership Skills:

NLTP develops external leadership skill sets through hands-on training in designing programs and organizing projects.

Guidance to establish Ideal Families:

NLTP provides guidance to each participant to support in establishing one’s God-centered ideal Blessed Central Family, which is a necessary competency for any future leader.

Target Participants:

1. Current college students
2. Recent college graduates
3. Blessed children, Jacobs children, young 1st Gen core members
4. Graduating high school seniors are acceptable case by case

Time Period:

6 – 12 months Participants may join from the beginning of June or the beginning of January

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