The Words of the Mito Family

The 1st National College Age Student Assembly (tentative) "Working together towards the new future of college youth"

Kizushi Mito
June 9, 2006

We are inviting all college age second generation who are striving toward establishing their ideal families to come and attend our first ever National College Age Student Assembly from July 3rd – 5th at UTS.

We are at a very historical moment with True Parents entering God’s Original Palace. It is an age where our second generation needs to take on more future responsibilities together with their parents to substantiate God’s eternal peace kingdom.

For most second generation, the college years are a crucial time in preparing themselves to become ideal spouses and ideal future parents. Furthermore, college years are also an important time for our second generation to nurture their public mind and prepare for the future of our movement and society. However, the campus culture that they are surrounded with, promote elements that are totally contrary to that ideal – elements such as extreme individualism, irresponsibility, and the free sex lifestyle.

Throughout this Assembly, we will share these critical issues and discuss possible solutions together. We have also invited Hyun Jin Nim, representing True Family to come and share some words with us. By addressing these issues together and clarifying a common vision for the future, we hope to gain the conviction in establishing this ideal, and the confidence to eventually expand God’s culture of ideal families and living for the sake of others in our respective campuses and communities.


1. To connect in heart with True Parents and True Children and better understand our identity as extended members of True Family.
2. To identify the key challenges that we face as college students in growing our faith and heart, and in striving to establish successful Blessed couples.
3. To share our best practices and begin to build a national vision along with an active network of support to fulfill that vision.

Target Participants:

1. Current college age 1st & 2nd Generation students, who are currently Blessed, or planning on getting blessed in the near future.
2. Recent high school graduates and Cheon Il Guk couples
3. Parents of current college age Blessed Children and potential College Age Ministers and CARP supporters from around the country.

Program Dates: July 3rd – 5th, 2006

Location & Registration Time: UTS, July 3rd: 9-11am

Cost: $100 Group Discount*: 10% off groups of 10 or more people.

· groups must pre-register with Rev. Higashino by June 20th
· Contact info: (203) 339-5455

July 3rd

9-11am Registration
11-12pm Orientation. Welcoming remarks. Introduce all participants
12-1:30pm Lunch
2-3:30pm Brainstorming session by region on "the challenges we face…"
3:30-4pm Break
4-6pm Facilitated reporting of the brainstorming session
6-7:30pm Dinner
8-9:30pm Panel/ Testimonies

July 4th

5-6:30am HDH & Discussion or Q &A with the 180 country Tour speeches
7- 8am Breakfast
8:30 -10am Presentation on "Preparing to build an ideal family"
10-10:30pm Break
10:30-12:30pm Discussion and reports by Region
12:30-2pm Lunch
2:30-4pm Presentation on "Life of faith as a college age student"
4-4:30pm Break
4:30-6pm Discussion and reports by Region
6-7:30pm Special Independence Day BBQ???
8-9:30pm Celebrate Independence day together (FIRE WORKS)

July 5th

5-6:30am Jeopardy challenge based on HDH with Father’s speeches
7 - 8am Breakfast
8:30-9:30am Presentation on "Vision for new future of college youth"
9:30-10am Break
10-12pm Attend Hyun Jin Nim’s speech
12-1:30pm Lunch
2-3:30pm Planning session for building a national network and strategy
3:30-4pm Break
4-6pm Introduction of various national programs and internships. Concluding remarks.
6pm - Dinner & Departure.

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