The Words of the Salonen Family

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Testimony (Rebecca Boyd (Salonen) - March 15, 1964)

Pioneering Tampa, Florida (Rebecca Boyd (Salonen) - October 15, 1964)

Master in Tampa (Rebecca Boyd (Salonen) - March 15, 1965)

Life In The Washington Center (Rebecca Boyd (Salonen) - January 1968)

What is FLF? (Neil Albert Salonen - January 1970)

We attended a small conference at the White House (Neil Albert Salonen - April 7, 1970)

Preparing for the Blessing (Rebecca Salonen - October 18, 1970)

The 777 Couples Blessing (Rebecca Salonen - October 20, 1970)

We are requesting a meeting with President Park Chung Hee, to gain his support (Neil Albert Salonen - February 16, 1971)

I will be visiting Vietnam for about one week (Neil Salonen - April 4, 1971)

My Visit to Korea (Neil A. Salonen - April 16, 1971)

An Interview with Mr. Neil Albert Salonen, the President of the Freedom Leadership Foundation, Inc. (Han Joo Cha - May 1971)

The Death of Le Khac Sinh-Nhat (Neil Albert Salonen - July 2, 1971)

An Open Letter to President Nixon from the Freedom Leadership Foundation (Neil Salonen - February 28, 1972 pdf)

The Duty of Free China (Neil Salonen - May 1972 pdf)

Kim Il-sung's 60th Birthday Passes (Neil Salonen - May 1972 pdf)

FLF Statement of Policy (Neil Salonen - June 1972 pdf)

New Korean Directions Reflect Changing World (Neil Salonen - July 1972 pdf)

World Freedom Institute Training, A Huge Success (Neil Salonen - August 4, 1972 pdf)

God's Day 1973 Sermon (Becky Salonen - January 1, 1973 pdf)

FLF Hosts Reception for Vietnamese Congressmen (Neil Salonen - January 19, 1973 pdf)

World Freedom Institute Presents 'Positive Alternative' (Neil Salonen - January 29, 1973 pdf)

The Unification Church National Policy on Fundraising (Neil Salonen - March 1973 pdf)

FLF Participates in Mindszenty Meeting (Neil Salonen - April 1, 1973 pdf)

Our Leader Meets South Vietnamese President Thieu and US Leaders (Neil Salonen - May 1973 pdf)

Mao and Christ: Comrades? (Neil Salonen - June 1973 pdf)

FLF Joins United States Youth Council (Neil Salonen - June 23, 1973 pdf)

FLF Celebrates Fourth Anniversary (Neil Salonen - August 5, 1973 pdf)

Isaiah prophet of judgment and Hope (Rebecca Salonen - October 1973 pdf)

The Mid-East War -- Missed Opportunities (Neil Salonen - October 1973 pdf)

Day of Hope Proclaimed In New York (Neil Salonen - October 3, 1973 pdf)

Day of Hope Proclaimed in Philadelphia (Neil Salonen - October 1973 pdf)

Day of Hope Proclaimed in Washington DC (Neil Salonen - October 23, 1973 pdf)

Hospital forced to free Unification Church member from deprograming (Dundee Sun Newspaper - November 22, 1973 pdf)

National Prayer for the Watergate Crisis needs your support - Pamphlet - Lists Unification Church State Headquarters addresses (Neil Salonen - Circa December 1, 1973 pdf)

Youth Organize Payer and Fast (Neil Salonen - December 7, 1973 pdf)

1,300 Unification Church members gather in Washington DC to support the Nixon (Neil Salonen - December 15, 1973 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon and Neil Salonen visit Unity Village, MO on Day of Hope Tour (Bill Peterson - December 17, 1973 pdf)

In Time of Crisis, Pray - The National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate Crisis (Neil Salonen - January 1974 pdf)

On Tour with the Day of Hope: Omaha, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco (Chris Jordan - January 1974 pdf)

News from the Day of Hope campaign: Hartford, CT, Princeton, NJ, Charleston, WV, Columbia, SC, Louisville, KY, and Indianapolis, IN (Neil Salonen - February 1974 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade (Neil Salonen - March 1974 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon's Conference in Portland, Oregon Organizes Ten USA Regions (Neil Salonen - April 14, 1974 pdf)

Day of Hope Participants Honored at Leader's Conference in Portland, Oregon (Neil Salonen - April 14, 1974 pdf)

Second National Conference of 1974 - Unification Church and One World Crusade - Portland, Oregon (Neil A. Salonen - April 14, 1974 pdf)

Third National Conference of 1974 - Unification Church And One World Crusade - Los Angeles, California (Neil A. Salonen - December 21, 1974 pdf)

List of 1975 Missionaries (Neil Salonen - March 14, 1975 pdf)

First Senatorial Prayer Meeting in Delaware (Neil Salonen - March 5, 1975 pdf)

New Hope for a New America (Neil Salonen - May 29, 1975 pdf)

The Lessons of the Korean War (Neil Salonen - June 1975 pdf)

Where We Stand: A Platform for Victory Over Communism (Neil A. Salonen - December 1975 pdf)

Plans for next year's Bicentennial "God Bless America" Festival announced (Neil Salonen - December 1975 pdf)

FLF Pioneers Now In Field After Training (Neil Salonen - December 1975 pdf)

Christmas Day, 1975 - A Reason to Celebrate (Neil A. Salonen - December 25, 1975 pdf)

The Yankee Stadium Campaign - Completing the American Revolution (Neil A. Salonen - January 14 and January 30, 1976 pdf)

Our response to Sen. Robert Dole's anti-Unification Church forum on Capitol Hill (Neil A. Salonen - March 1976 pdf)

Nation Begins 120 Day Prayer Condition for Yankee Stadium (Neil Salonen and Takeru Kamiyama - March 8, 1976)

We Have to Hold God's Hand - To Yankee Stadium Campaigners (Neil Salonen - May 18, 1976)

The Mission of the God Bless America Festival Is to Finish the Work of the American Revolution (Neil Salonen - June 16, 1976)

True Father: The Washington Monument Rally Was an Unqualified Victory (Neil Salonen - September 20, 1976 pdf)

The Meaning of America (Neil A. Salonen - March 25, 1976 pdf)

Bicentennial God Bless America Festival Statement of Purpose (Neil Salonen - April 1976 pdf)

Conferences for Parents of Unification Church Members Held Across America (Neil A. Salonen - April 1976 pdf)

Five-Day and 21-Day DP Workshop Guests Share Their Experiences (Neil Salonen - April 1976 pdf)

Hundreds Attend Banquets at Headquarters in New York (Neil Salonen - April 2, 1976 pdf)

A Message to Parents of Unification Church Members (Neil A. Salonen - April 24, 1976 pdf)

Unification Church Buys the New Yorker Hotel as Its World Mission Headquarters (Neil Salonen - May 13, 1976 pdf)

Welcome to the Unification Church national parents conference (Neil A. Salonen - June 1976 pdf)

Washington Monument Campaign Kicks Off (Neil Salonen - July 4, 1976 pdf)

Meet Us at the Monument for the Second God Bless America Festival (Neil Salonen - August 1976 pdf)

World Unification Church parents from coming to the Washington Monument (Neil Salonen - August 1976 pdf)

God's Work in America (Neil A. Salonen - August 8, 1976 pdf)

Unification Church Purchases Manhattan Center for more than two million dollars (Neil Salonen - October 5, 1976 pdf)

Official Unification Church Fundraising Guidelines (Neil Salonen - March 1977 pdf)

The Unification Church View of the Fraser Investigation (Neil Albert Salonen - August 9, 1977 pdf)

First anniversary of the God Bless America Festival at Washington Monument (Neil Salonen - September 18, 1977 pdf)

Blessed Families and Self Reliance (Neil Salonen - February 6, 1978 pdf)

Frontier '78: Statement of Purpose (Neil Salonen - March 1978 pdf)

Unification Church Responds to Falsehoods in The New York Times (Neil Salonen - March 19, 1978 pdf)

Unification Church Brings Multi-Million Dollar Suit Against The New York Times (Neil Salonen - March 20, 1978 pdf)

All Blessed wives should join the Women's CARP Team - Childcare provided for children over 100 days old (Rebecca Salonen, HSA-UWC HQ Blessed Families Department - March 30, 1979 pdf)

Statement of the Unification Church on the Guyana Tragedy (Neil Salonen - November 1978 pdf)

The Contents of our Mind: Over-Stocked, Under Stocked and Back-Ordered (Neil Salonen - November 14, 1999)

Bright Side of the Moon (Felicia Hunter - June 25, 2007)

How One Man Has Moved the World (Neil Albert Salonen - July 24, 2010)

University of Bridgeport Students Raise Awareness of Religious Intolerance in Japan - Neil A. Salonen (Yoshie Manaka - March 28, 2012 pdf)

Unification Thought Conference Honors Founder Sun Myung Moon (Neil Salonen - April 29, 2014 pdf)

The message of True Parents is how to rebuild the broken hearts and damaged souls of the world (Neil Salonen - August 2014 pdf)

Remembering the Preparations for the Yankee Stadium Rally in 1976 (Interview of Neil Salonen - June 2016 pdf)

Neil Albert Salonen, head of the University of Bridgeport to retire next year (Linda Conner Lambeck - May 10, 2017 pdf)

Neil Albert Salonen (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - October 29, 2017 pdf)

University of Bridgeport seeks president to replace Neil Salonen (Linda Conner Lambeck - December 29, 2017 pdf)

Bridgeport honors University of Bridgeport President with Neil A. Salonen Day (Leslie Geary - February 27, 2018 pdf)

University of Bridgeport picks Laura Trombley to succeed Neil Albert Salonen (Linda Conner Lambeck - March 9, 2018 pdf)

Neil Albert Salonen to leave a very different, stronger University of Bridgeport (Linda Conner Lambeck - May 16, 2018 pdf)

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