The Words of the Salonen Family

I will be visiting Vietnam for about one week

Neil Salonen
April 4, 1971
Washington, DC USA

Dear Father,

I am writing this note enroute Saigon, to clarify the details of my arrival in Seoul. I have also written a brief note to the Japanese IFVC office.

1) The Youth Delegation was an important project which has given us many new high level contacts in the Government, even though it fell through. Three times we were ready to go, and it was cancelled less than twelve hours before departure. We regret the position this left everyone in - it has also caused some bitterness between some organizations and the Nixon Administration.

2) The Vietnamese Government still asked us to help arrange a visit by Vietnamese students to America, to combat the propaganda that they are all pro-communist. The World Youth Crusade for Freedom has paid my expenses in travelling. They are sending 50 American youth to Taipei this summer - they also want to visit Korea. They have contacted General Lee of the WACL/APACL for help. I will try to help these arrangements, and have some of our members included in this tour. So I am waiting for your direction before contacting anyone.

3) The Korean Embassy in Washington has become very friendly to FLF, and offered to make arrangements in Seoul to meet some contacts, etc. They want to know how to contact me in Seoul, so I plan to give the IFEC address. They may call and ask about my arrival.

4) Since I am alone, phase do not make hotel reservations as I discussed with Mrs. Choi, anyplace will be fine for me to stay.

5) My ticket requires me to travel for 14 days, but not more than 21 days. I will be about one week in Vietnam, and then I will come to Seoul. My reservations are open after Seoul, I will go to Tokyo, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, before returning to Wash. D.C.

6) I should arrive Seoul between the 8th and 11th of April, I will send definite information when I can get it. In Saigon, I can be reached

c/o Mr. Hien Pham Duong
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Saigon, Vietnam

I am very anxious to see you, and set plans for our FLF work. We have never been so prepared as now, to response to your direction. Farley has also given me some messages.

Love in Them
Neil Salonen 

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