The Words of the Salonen Family

We attended a small conference at the White House

Neil Albert Salonen
April 7, 1970
Washington, D.C.

Dear Father,

We are looking forward to attending the WACL conference in Japan this coming September. As the work of The Freedom Leadership Foundation grows, so also does our awareness of how necessary it is that this effort be coordinated on an international scale. Our delegation has begun planning to attend.

I have always been honored that you entrusted to me the responsibility of founding The Freedom Leadership Foundation. Despite the smallness of our group, we hope that you have been proud of our initial efforts and success. In responding to the spiritual needs of our movement, I am very grateful for your approval to go out into the field (Denver) and experience that direct confrontation with Satan in our work.

The Board of Directors of The Freedom Leadership Foundation will remain the same:

Philip Burley, Boston
George Edwards, Washington
William Farley Jones, Washington
Young Oon Kim, Washington
Nora Martin, Kansas City
Neil Salonen, Denver
Jon Schuhart, Los Angeles

Farley Jones, HSA President, will serve as Chairman of the Board. To carry out the daily activities, they have nominated Allen Wood to function as President. Since Miss Kim has also communicated your approval on this matter, we have now put this into effect.

As a result of our activities, Allen and I recently attended a small conference at the White House to open direct channels for the coordination of future activities. I am confident that FLF will continue to grow, and that Allen will provide the necessary capable leadership. This work has been my great joy, and I look forward to its continuation.

My prayer and that of the whole American Family will continue for the success of this international work.

Love in His Name,
Your son,
Neil Albert Salonen 

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