The Words of the Santillan Family

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Santillan Tribal Messiahship Focuses on Educational Projects in Bantayan, Cebu (John and Masayo Santillan - June 27, 2007)

UPF Bantayan-Cebu Conducts Peace Rally with Korean Missionaries and Santillan Tribe sponsors Fogging Bantayan for Anti-Dengue Campaign (John John and Masayo Santillan and Family - September 4, 2007)

Central Visayas Regional Training Center Construction Update (John Santillan - October 26, 2008)

After The GPF 2008 Follows The Massive GPFS On The Province, City And Municipal Levels (John Santillan - December 21, 2008)

The First Catholic Carriage Bearing the Unification Logo (John Santillan - March 9, 2013)

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