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After The GPF 2008 Follows The Massive GPFS On The Province, City And Municipal Levels

John Santillan
December 21, 2008

Congratulations to all.

The recent success of the GPF 2008 had paved the way for us to move further. To the point that the Philippines will host the International Convention by the year 2009 as declared in public by our elder Brother Hyun Jin Moon. In short this entails greater responsibilities.

So this is a challenge to all of us tribal messiahs. The reality is before we could reach out those people in the provinces cities and municipalities for sure we will start from the barangays. So its about time for us to gain connections with our barangay leaders.

To initiate this we have to initiate even simple activities within. If you have sufficient funds you can resort to support barangay projects basically donations in the rehabilitations of classrooms same as what I did in my barangay way back 2006. At first I voluntarily called up my barangay captain and asked him sa to what I could contribute to help my barangay. So he replied to me that our school needs additional rooms so what I did I called up the principal and inquire from her the real situation of the school. On the spot she answered me that we have to rehabilitate the room for our kindergarten.

So I commit myself to finance the construction for the rehabilitation. From there I was able to conduct series of tribal activities in my barangay. The mayor, the barangay captain the schoolteachers were always there to support me.

So to summarize, without strengthening our connections in the barangays we could not realize successful GPFs in those three above mentioned levels.

According to Bro. Jun Basuil in one recent telephone conversation he told me that in conducting GPS this time we should convince the governors mayors to sponsor at least the venue or the sound system. This is to help at least cut the major expenses to tackle. And we are now focusing in giving ILC seminars indoor since we don’t have high powered projectors. According to him those LEDS that we used in the major city GPFS cost us millions, and we could not sustain this all the time that is why we should think of some ways that could ease our burden.

My main objective is just to inform everyone that the gate for all of us to conduct GPFS in our birthplaces is now open. Please feel free to contact Bro. Jun Basuil specifically those members from the Visayas so that he and Kuya Joseph Navalta could visit your place and Meet the Governor or the mayor as the case maybe and will arrange with them with the schedule the venue etc. and other things.

Please be informed that there is no subsidy or any financial support from the headquarters. This is our responsibility as Tribal Messiahs to be clear. So the term bayanihan as what I told always will work. For example, in Cebu in appealing to all cebuano members that we should join hands together in staging a successful GPF in the Queen City of the South. In the year 2009 Cebu is within the waiting list og the major city GPfs.So this should be participated with the the other neighboring cities such as Toledo, Mandaue Danao,and Lapulapu.

With this areas involved concerted efforts is necessary. In Cebu we had now Hon. Mihael Rama the acting city mayor who could work with us. We also had the childhood friend of Kuya Gerry Desuyo a councilor of the city who is in charge of the city’s committee on peace and order. In the broadcast media, we could also have the assistance of statiom manager Yody Sanchez which at the same time the Barangay Captain of Brgy. Busay in Cebu City.

With all this simple connections that we had coupled with the foundations that we had in our respective barangays then for sure we could have a successful GPF in CebI guees that the same thing is also applicable in other places The place and situation might differ but the principle of helping one another is always proven to be true As Filipinos we are known to be rationalistic but if we could use this kind of mentality for the sake of bringing success to our respective regions well and good after all the whole nation will be benefited out of this. This is the reason for creating various political units, to enhance effective and successful events in every area that is if the people in those units are really willing to work united.

Still we go back to the Tong-bang-gyok-pa the grassroots providence. This is a proof that the key is to launch GPFs on the countryside by way of cooperation of the tribal messiahs on the areas involved.


Bro. John Santillan 

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