The Words of the Santillan Family

Central Visayas Regional Training Center Construction Update

John Santillan
October 26, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters from the Visayas,

Greetings and thank you so much for your untiring support.

Through this the Central Visayas Regional Training Center is on the way to its completion, in spite of the on and off status of its construction due to financial deficiency, which is true to every undertaking of such kind.

But then we could observe that ongoing progress is there, what has been conceived in the mind before, could now turned visible to our eyes.

To think of the series of activities that we tackle, particularly the GPF both here in Japan and in the Philippines, honestly I was hesitant to convey this help seeking message to all of you.

But I had no other choice but to facilitate the request of our active and energetic Central Visayas Regional Director, Brother Jun Basuil, to once again knock at your generous hearts to be opened once towards the completion of the Cebu Training Center construction.

As Filipinos we were used to the way of ambag-ambag (chip-in) way of helping.

The peso-peso (peso to peso) strategy really works.

Even up until this time, this bayanihan system is operational in our respective barangays towns during fiestas.

Barangay officials will disseminate envelopes to their constituents bearing the name of the Patron saint.

In those envelopes the people will put in there donations for their celebration. But it's too laborious, so we will do it this way.

For a minimum of 1000 Japanese yen, per month, for those who can, you may send your support for the construction through my postal account.

All gathered donations for the month will be sent to Cebu, bank charges will be shouldered by yours truly.

This will now answer the question to most everyone of us per se I wish to help but I could not give that much, and the cost of remittance will be more higher than the amount I desired to give, so it's impractical to extend my help in this way.

If this building could be completed through our concerted efforts, then we could provide a better training place for our contacts and more importantly to the peace ambassadors in the locality, we could now spare ourselves in renting expenses for hotels and etc. to hold our workshops and other gatherings, as per vision of our Bro. Jun Basuil.

For sure our names could not be written on the walls of this edifice, but it could be found in every grain of sand, in every gram of cement that produced the unbreakable concrete of this building.

Let's join our hearts to continuously support this endeavor to the finish. Success and Mansei to all!

Yours Sincerely
Bro. John Santillan 

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