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UPF Bantayan-Cebu Conducts Peace Rally with Korean Missionaries and Santillan Tribe sponsors Fogging Bantayan for Anti-Dengue Campaign

John John and Masayo Santillan and Family
September 4, 2007

Cebu -- In response to True Parents` direction concerning the three providential nations, again my wife and I felt that we were given an opportunity to gather once again our tribe for a blessing ceremony. However, the starting point of this gathering was not solely for the blessing alone but this is coupled with a Service for Peace activity hitting two birds with a stone.

Dengue Fever

As the advent of dengue fever hit ( a mosquito-bite transmitted disease) the Province of Cebu, Barangay Patao, which happen to be my birthplace and the venue of several tribal activities in the past was not spared. There were three lives of small children that have been claimed by the epidemic already in Bantayan. Although the government has taken actions upon this, it was not the surest way but just minor driving away of mosquitoes, by making campfires to produce smoke that will frighten the mosquitoes.

This way will not eradicate totally the mosquitoes for after the smoke dissipates they will come back and again attack the people young and old alike. This is very dangerous since the moment you are bitten by such a mosquito your blood platelets will reduce and if you could not be supplied with an additional blood it will result to untimely and immediate death.

Being alarmed of the situation, immediately I wired the barangay captain and the principal of San Jose Elementary School, Mrs. Anabelle Alob. By the way, the San Jose Elemewntary School was the recipient of a classroom construction that my wife Masayo and I sponsored sometime in January 2006.

We agreed to hire the Manila Pest Control (MAPECON) to conduct a fogging session (spraying chemicals to the mosquito hotspot areas) with their professional pest controllers.

The area of San Jose Elementary School is more or less 8000 sq. meters, and this does not include the adjacent bamboo plantations that could possibly house the dengue carrying mosquitoes. However, the adjacent bamboo plantation was included on the job order.

Two-birds in one stone

In the process of preparation for the anti-dengue fogging session, I thought to join the UPF Peace Rally on the same day and also organize a holy wine ceremony. It would be so timely.

The school principal and the barangay captain invited municipal health officials from the municipality including the school heads of elementary schools in the neighboring barangays. I also called up Bro. Jun Basuil the Regional leader of Cebu and FFWPU Executive Director for Visayas if he could include Barangay Patao in the list of Cebu UPF rally venues to be officiated by the missionaries sent by True Parents to the Philippines, including Cebu. He agreed to the idea and I presented this to the school principal and the barangay captain of Patao. The date of the rally was scheduled on August 30, 2007 and that becomes a dual event.

The Arrival of the UPF Delegates to Bantayan

First ,the UPF Peace Rally with blessing ceremony was conducted and later followed by the fogging orientation for the people so that they could also maintain their barangay against dengue virus- carrying- mosquitoes. So there were two banners in a row, the banner for the UPF rally and the streamer for the fogging session and I quote,

Internal And External Purification For Healthy Living (Anti-Dengue And Spiritual Cleansing Project)

The Cebu delegates led by the three Korean missionaries, Rev. Kim Nam So, Rev. Lee Doo Young and Rev. Jung Boo Sun. including Mrs. Loise Lim, Cebu's WFWP chairwoman, Bro. Rey Estoce, Cebu's Assistant Regional leader, and Cecille Flores (Cebu Center Staff) arrived Bantayan Island on the night of August 29 and they were welcomed and accommodated by our active home members there particularly the blessed couple Mr. and Mrs. Hontek Sy and Monette Batayola-Sy.

In every activity where our center staff have to go to Bantayan, it is always Sister Monette who will fetch them at the port and accommodate them in her residence situated in the heart of the town, Sad to say that the residence of yours truly is 7 kms. away from the municipality and it would be inconvenient for our staff to go there without a service vehicle. Luckily sister Monette has two cars available always to serve our guests from Cebu doing public mission and this is Sister Monette`s contribution for Gods Providence in Bantayan.

The Holy Wine Ceremony and Vows

The UPF Peace Rally and Holy Wine ceremony event took place successfully at San Jose Elementary School at about 1 p.m. after a bountiful lunch was shared by everyone. The Peace message speech was read by Rev. Kim Nam Soo in Korean, and followed by an English version read by Bro. Rey Estoce during the program of the rally.

The holy wine ceremony was conducted with SJES Principal Mrs. Anabelle Alob and her husband as the representative-couple. Sis. Monette Batayola-Sy has not just taken charge of the mobility of our UPF rally staff but also managed to take the video footage of the blessing event and the DVD of such will be released soon. This blessing event is quite different from others in terms of preparation starting from the basics such as food, venue, stage technical and etc.

Normally it is we ourselves who do this. But in this particular case it is the entire teaching staff of San Jose Elementary School under the direction of Principal Anabelle Alob who did everything for us. This is because of the strong foundation that we had laid in Bantayan, specifically in San Jose Elementary School, where there is already a heart-based foundation. More or less 70 couples attended to include all the teachers, the head teachers and school principals of the neighboring elementary schools, the parents, the barangay captain of Patao, the municipal nurse, municipal health officer and the DECS Bantayan District 1 Supervisor, the MAPECON Staff also joined the holy wine and blessing ceremony with their company supervisor.

Indeed these two events were successfully done in spite of the very hectic schedule.

Our UPF staff led by Missionary Kim Nan Soo, his assistant missionary Rev. Lee Doo Young and Rev. Jung Boo Sun representing the Pure Love Alliance with Bro. Rey Estoce, Mrs. Loise Lim and Cecille Flores could not witness anymore the fogging session by the MAPECON. They had to travel back to Cebu after the rally to catch up with their next rally scheduled on the following day in Dumaguete City.

But before they left, Rev. Kim Nan Soo presented to Sister Monette Batayola-Sy the Brotherhood and Sisterhood certificate including a precious pendant which directly came from our True Parents.

For all of these, we are so grateful to God, our True Parents, to all brothers and sisters, the SJES teachers and staff and the people of Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines. A victorious "EOG MANSEI" to everyone!

Reported by; John John and Masayo Santillan and Family

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