The Words of the Neiland Family

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Discovering Myself (Nancy Neiland - October 1980 pdf)

Father Matches 843 Couples of 50 Nationalities (Nancy Neiland - February 1981)

Foreign Missions: 1975-1985 -- The First Ten Years (Nancy Neiland Barton - May 1985)

Foreign Missionaries' Testimonies on Achieving Unity (Compiled by Nancy Neiland Barton - May 1986)

Three missionaries' testimonies about courage in the midst of war, witchcraft, and prison (Compiled by Nancy Neiland Barton - June 1986)

Witnessing in Mission Countries (Compiled by Nancy Neiland Barton - August 1986)

Testimonies about witnessing in mission countries (Compiled by Nancy Neiland Barton - September 1986)

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