The Words of the Perin Family

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Missionary visits in the Middle East (June Darby [Perrin] - September 4, 1970)

Experiences in Japan (June [Darby] Perrin - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Mission to Jordan (June [Darby] Perrin - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

The subjugation of Satan (Dennis Perrin - April 1971)

The First British Open-Air Service Was Held (Dennis Perrin - May 2, 1971)

Patricia Hardman and June Perrin arrived in Edinburgh on April 7, 1971 to establish a foundation for Father in Scotland (June Perrin - September 3, 1971)

It was an inspiring day to hear our Leader's words in the beauty of the creation (June Perrin - December 4, 1971)

Reflections on Malachi (June Perrin - January 1972)

Family Judgement (Dennis Perrin - February 1972)

God Reaches Out to Raise Up the Islamic Faith (June Darby [Perrin] - August 1972 pdf)

A short history of the Irish Family's success (June Perrin - June 1973 pdf)

Our Irish Family is expanding quickly (June Perrin - August 1973 pdf)

David S. C. Kim and Dennis and Doris Orme visit Ireland (June Perrin - November 1973 pdf)

Ireland's Saint Patrick's Mobile Cathedral Proclaims One World (June Perrin - November 1973 pdf)

Something great must happen to save us - We are in midst of something terrible (Dennis Perrin - January 1975 pdf)

A Child of True Parents (June Darby-Perrin - December 1987)

The Hare and the Hungry Man (June Darby [Perrin] - November 1988)

Dae Mo Nim’s Recent Visit to Great Britain (June Darby [Perrin] - December 1998)

The Only Goal Worth Living For (June Darby [Perrin] - March 1989)

The Rosy Apple (June Darby [Perrin] - September 1989)

Reflections on Chung Pyung (June Darby-Perrin - March, 2001)

A Life Begun In The Cosmic Spring (June Darby-Perrin - November 2009)

UN IWD 2012, Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures (June Darby [Perrin] - March 14, 2012)

Visit to Zambia (Rita O’Neill and June Darby [Perrin] - June 1, 2017 pdf)

The Role of Christianity in Britain (June Darby [Perrin] - January 6, 2018 pdf)

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