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The First British Open-Air Service Was Held

Dennis Perrin
May 2, 1971

A public service in Trafalgar Square, London

In commemoration of the oppressed Christian peoples behind the Iron Curtain, at 2 p.m., May 2nd, 1971, The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity held its historic public service in Trafalgar Square, London. Primarily, it was held in remembrance of 1,500 Christians of the Ukraine, from Rostov on Don where, five years ago, their prayers to God were forcibly brought to a stop by the sudden intervention of the Soviet Police.

Whilst the service occupied the square for a full one and one-half hours and well over 500 people joined in and many more passersby heard parts of the service. Round the square marched a communist demonstration for part of the time. With British Christian churches passive to communism and some frankly supporting communism the churches here are naturally on the decline. They have failed to protect their brothers and sisters who are silenced for their desire to love God. Moses asked Pharaoh ten times to release his people. Have leaders of Christian nations asked ten times for their people to be released? It is against this vacuum that the service in Trafalgar Square was held.

We began after a brief introduction by singing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" which incidentally was a favorite hymn of Churchill. Various members prayed an Anglican chaplain-the Rev. Peter Delaney of the University Church of Christ the King. Also Father Garofalo, an Italian Jesuit, who read a poem from the Soviet writer Solzhenitsyn. With members praying from Baptist and other backgrounds the unity of Heart was deeply felt.

In his short but powerful sermon, Mr. Dennis Orme gave an impassioned plea for Christians everywhere to rouse themselves and fight together against the barbarisms of the Communist Tyranny. Whilst the traffic whirled around the square a strange hush descended upon those who gathered. The words were simple, the message clear. The purpose of Jesus life was to express the Heart of God. Sometimes God turned the other cheek, sometimes He was angry and wanted to scourge men from the temple. Jesus was difficult man to love. The men who have left their mark on history have been men who have expressed God's wrath. Men like Elijah, Moses, Jesus and Churchill. Men who felt a deep burning desire to oppose evil and replace it with good. Do we seek to comfort God? Do we seek to replace evil with good? Does not God want us all to be free in His image and likeness? If we are not prepared to express the Heart of God then we have failed Jesus. If we are not prepared to protect others we have no right to ask God to protect us. Christians in the underground church have long given up worrying as to whether they are Orthodox, Baptist or Catholic. In their desperation they are content only to be able to worship and comfort God. Can you not feel the anger of God as His children are made to suffer?

The sermon on this beautiful spring day--the sky continuously blue ended with the demand for those present to pledge themselves in comforting God's Heart and answering the prayers of those in chains in the Soviet Union.

The HSA-UWC in its co-ordination and planning, its long preparation and high indemnity had ensured success for the Heavenly Father. Large colorful display boards well-advertised the monstrosities of Soviet savagery. Doris sang beautifully to our Father causing many to join the service. Our Ukrainian brothers passed around their leaflet; The Suffering Church. Our own introductory pamphlet was also well received. 

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