The Words of the Perrin Family

Dae Mo Nim’s Recent Visit to Great Britain

June Darby [Perrin]
December 1998
London, UK

From talking to some brothers and sisters I understand that some people are not so clear about how to relate to the angels and spirit spiritual children (SSC) whom Dae Mo Nim brought to us. I am sure that she will come back after four months to bring the blessed spirits who were liberated at Cleeve House to help brothers and sisters who have not been to Chung Pyung.

True Father knows that this is a ridiculous concept for most members -- the fact that we have blessed SSC and angels to help us. It is very unreal to most of us when we cannot see them. So True Father kindly gave them instructions to help us believe in their presence and support by making themselves known to us. Father also said that these blessed spirits are very powerful. When working with the spirit world, the most important thing to remember is that we (on the earth) are the subjects and they are the objects. So therefore they can only work according to our direction. And you have to state the conditions whereby they can make their presence felt by you.

The Three Signs

Personally, I asked for three signs to convince myself. First I asked for a difficult condition: I asked that a very naughty class of pupils which usually cannot concentrate and get on with their work, would work quietly and concentrate for a whole session of an hour and a half. It so happened that the head teacher came in to hear the children read in that time and at the end of the lesson she came to me and asked how I did it, saying that she could never get them to work and keep quiet for so long!

I also asked for an unusual noise to be made in my presence. And that night going home by coach, a buzzer suddenly started sounding on the controls. The driver pulled up and went to ask the passenger sitting next to the emergency door to refrain from turning the door handle, which of course he denied. Another buzzer went and then the blind behind the driver’s head suddenly shot up. By that time I realized what was happening and quickly asked the spirits to stop as I believed that they were with me, and they did stop. Also the poor driver was so upset, commenting that the bus was falling apart, that he could not understand what was happening because it was a brand-new bus. I could barely control my laughter because it was so funny.

Then in the staff-room during break, the photocopier machine suddenly and bizarrely switched itself off and everyone heard the click! I also asked to be awakened at a particular time at which was difficult for me to get up.

Spirit world help

The SSC can help in our mission to accomplish our goals but we have to tell them precisely what we want them to do, and pray for at least three days to give them the energy and vitality they need to influence in ways which are meaningful to the person concerned -- through dreams, signs, print, words, thoughts, etc. They can also motivate people to be in a particular place at a certain time, for example. You should decide beforehand where and when you are going to witness or do pre-blessings and then direct the spirit world to bring prepared people to you, and pray to recognize them. Also you should pray beforehand to be inspired to say what will move the person’s heart.

What is Our Attitude?

And that brings us to another very important law. The amount of help they can give us is determined by how much we attend, serve and follow God and True Parents, whether we are contributing towards God’s Providence. In fact, at one time True Father said that the spirit world could only help us if we first do our 100% best. And that meant that our conscience was clear, that we could not do any more. And if we still were not achieving our goal, then we could command the spirit world to help us fulfill it.

However, I am not saying that we all have to give 100% of our time to working for God’s Providence; for some of us that is not possible. What is important is that we sincerely offer as much time as we possibly can to do pre-blessing, witness, care for people, and so on, and that we do it regularly.

Do we respect and love God and True Parents? Do we attend them first thing in the morning and evening according to Heavenly Law? Do we keep Hoon Dok Hae? Do we keep Pledge and attend Sunday Service? Do we try to fill our minds and thoughts with the Principle and Father’s words during the day? Do we try to center our daily life on God? Do we report and offer every situation to God asking His help and guidance? Do we try to keep a loving, positive attitude always, or do we easily get impatient, irritated, annoyed or critical? Do we apply ourselves and try to do our best in all we do? Are our homes well organized, clean and tidy? Are we following the guidance True Parents, Dae Mo Nim or our leaders have given?

It is true what Dae Mo Nim said, that we are very careless about how we live. I know I am, and I have to make great efforts to be absolutely consistent and absolutely faithful. But fortunately Dae Mo Nim’s visit has given us all an opportunity to repent and make a fresh new start. Living our life of faith according to the standard required for the Kingdom of Heaven is the singular most difficult thing to do.

Their Hope is in Us

The angels and SSC can help give us the strength and determination we lack in order to overcome our fallen selves. For their hope is in us; they cannot attain perfection without us accomplishing it first. True Parents are concerned that we reach perfection as quickly as possible. That is why despite our inadequacies and shortcomings, we are being given so much help at this time. True Parents are desperate for us to achieve perfection before the next-level blessing. Everything we are being asked to do is to help us fulfill that goal of True Parents.

In order for the blessed spirits and angels to be able to help us grow spiritually we have to recognize our fallen selves and how we defend them. We really need to see our fallen natures very clearly. Then we can tell the SSC and angels how they can help us, where we need strength and how we need to change. Then we need to indemnify our fallen traits on a daily basis. It still helps to deny ourselves -- do not watch TV, give up sweets -- so that we can weaken the base which satan and evil spirits work through (namely, our bodies).

Holy Candles

It is a good idea to keep the Holy Candle which we received from Dae Mo Nim as a seed candle and multiply more candles from this. We are supposed to pray and support our liberated SSC for the duration of 100 days’ training by Heung Jin Nim and then during their 40 days’ Blessed Family workshop where they also learn how to work with us. Originally, Dae Mo Nim said that we should pray from midnight for three hours. Then she said that we should pray for as long as we can, when we can. The candle has the property of cleansing the environment of evil spirits. So use it to pray when you feel attacked, when you want to make strong prayer condition, when you want to cleanse the atmosphere of your home. If your children are being difficult, pray with the candle and ask the angels to remove the evil spirits which are bothering them.

After liberation by Dae Mo Nim, we all go onto a higher level spiritually. Some people may not feel any different, but in faith raise the level of your spiritual life as Tim Read suggested and try to keep a higher standard than before; especially, do not engage in negative or critical give and take. If you make a mistake, repent sincerely and immediately indemnify it. If you feel attacked, immediately pray hard for 12 minutes and that spirit or spirits must leave you.

Do Not Give Up

When I went to Chung Pyung, it took a week of daily struggling to focus in the workshops and clapping as hard as I could before I began to feel a real difference in myself. The session we had with Dae Mo Nim at Cleeve House was a very gentle session, so it would not be surprising if some brothers and sisters did not notice any change. However, sooner or later you will notice a difference if you repent more than you did before for your fallen nature. Try harder to change, pray harder -- more than before -- and try to do more for the Providence than before, even if all you can do is pray.

Also our spiritual lives still have ups and downs. Because of the great significance of the February Blessing, there is bound to be conflict spiritually and indemnity that needs to be paid. However, I’ve found that the spiritual pressure can be so great at times that we need the protection of our central figures -- we need to keep connected -- and when I feel particularly harassed I report it to my central figure and a national messiah, and I pray with Dae Mo Nim’s candle, then peace comes.

I hope that you do not think that this is all old hat. Because I have been praying for years to understand some of these points clearly. And the answers to some of my questions only came after Dae Mo Nim’s recent visit.

Also I am offering this because it is so vital for each person to accomplish their own victorious foundation so that they can build and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. God and True Parents depend on us to build it. With the proclamation of Sa Sa Jeol, True Parents have given us an incredibly powerful tool to combat evil, so that we can become victorious in all kinds of situations. When I pray now, I pray in the Name of True Parents and their victorious condition of Sa Sa Jeol. As a child of True Parents, I claim inheritance of that victory for myself. I state it, and inform and remind the good spirit world of their extra power. 

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