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UN IWD 2012, Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures

June Darby [Perrin]
March 14, 2012

Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures.

This is a very interesting theme. For me I understand that to mean two things.

First, how can we inspire girls to connect to the goals of the international Women s Day, so that they can carry the banner into the future?

Then how can we help the next generation of girls to achieve fulfilling, meaningful and happy lives so that they can look forward to inspiring futures?

International Women s Day is the story of ordinary women as the makers of history, rooted in the centuries old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. At the turn of the last century it was concerned with achieving universal suffrage for women. First it was concerned with the working class women s fight against oppression by the bourgeoisie and upper class men and women. In 1945 the U.N. ensured equal rights for men and women in the United Nations Charter. After that, in the 70 s, it became involved with fighting against oppression by men, and it became a war of genders. It continued to work for women s rights, protection and participation in the political and economic process. International Women s Day is about acknowledging the vital role that women play in society enhancing economic security for their families and country and contributing to the political process.

I think that we can look at the achievements of women today, with much pride. There are more women Presidents around the world than ever before; women are in leading roles in every field of endeavor and women s rights are defended and protected in law as never before. It seems that the young generation inherits the goals and aspirations of their parents' generation when they can respect the sincerity of the older generation; and when they can see the way they work towards realizing those goals; and when those goals can resonate with their own aspirations.

It is without doubt advantageous when women collaborate beyond the age gap and thus make a positive contribution for the greater good of the community and society at large. The future that the Women's Federation desires is one that realizes God's ideal world a world of peace and harmonious co-operation between all people, a place where people respect, care and support each other.

It is where the fundamental human rights and the equality of men and women are affirmed, and the dignity of men and women is assured as we recognize God as our common Creator. The Women's Federation sees loving, healthy, united families as being the cornerstone for such a culture of peace, and therefore supports initiatives that revive Family Values and provides necessary skills and knowledge.

We think that it is important for men and women to appreciate the differences that exist between the two genders, to be able to express their natures and achieve fulfillment in harmonious co-operation, without confrontation or competition for superiority and domination. There is still much conflict and suffering in the world today. Some 20 years ago Rev. Sun Myung Moon encouraged the formation of the WFWP, because he knew about the impact women could have in bringing healing, compassion and reconciliation to this world. He sees the women s maternal heart, love and sociability as being the power that can heal the wounds of our time.

In the family we learn to live in harmony, we learn to relate to each other, learn how to maintain relationships between people and learn to love, respect and value others.

And it is the Mother s role in the family that is critical for this education to be successful. For the Mother s unconditional love provides the seed and environment in which children can grow to become emotionally mature, confident and responsible adults, able to contribute to the wellbeing of society. In situations of conflict and violence women are vulnerable and at risk of exploitation. Women also need to be protected from sexualized violence and abuse wherever that occurs. When women are deprived of opportunities and are trapped in cycles of victimization social stability is at risk.

And so WFWP works to empower women to achieve education, to find employment, learn leadership skills and encourages participation in the political process to achieve social stability, where people feel value and are safe. Women become agents for change to build a better world when they live their feminine nature of nurturing, compassion and caring. Young women together create a generation of peace, where justice, tolerance, understanding and compassion are vital elements.

WFWP understands that in order to achieve our ultimate goal establishing viable civil societies, where men and women complement each and working together as partners in peace and prosperity we must engage both men and women in our quest for change.

Thank you.

Speech complied by Mrs. June Darby (WFWP senior Advisor) and Mitty Tohma

Mitty Tohma
WFWP UK – President
UN/DPI/ECOSOC/ Status (Cat. 1)
Fb: WFWP Youth UK
Women's Federation for World Peace UK
43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA
Company Number 3431199  

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