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Sun Myung Moon, FFWPU and the Unification Church in their own words

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These Sermons, Speeches, And Talks Are Not Necessarily Accurate Translations!

All of the talks and sermons linked to this page are in English. The speaker almost always spoke in Korean, with simultaneous translation. The words on linked pages are based on those simultaneous translations. They are not necessarily accurate translations. For instance:

One translator tried to learn a new English word every day. Whether or not the a Korean equivalent of the word was in the talk, the word of the day appears in his translations.

Another translator was regularly inspired as he translated. He added his own inspirations and examples, mixing them with the words of the speaker.

Yet another translator was fearful of making a mistake and mistranslating. She would translate all possible meanings of the Korean words, not just the contextual meaning, creating confusing translations.

Many of the sermons and talks are unofficial notes. Unofficial notes are personal notes, based on the simultaneous translations. Unofficial notes reflect the note taker's interpretation of the translation and should be considered even less accurate than the simultaneous translations.

So, read on, but understand that what you are reading may not be the intended meaning of the speaker. Sometimes it may bear no similarity to what was originally said in Korean.

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