Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 1969

 Table of Contents

Restoration and Blessing (February 2, 1969 - Tokyo, Japan)

The Victory that God Desires (February 2, 1969 - Excerpt)

Victory comes out of the internal determination made at the beginning (February 2, 1969 - Excerpt)

The Ideal Spouse (February 4, 1969 - Excerpt)

Letter To Members (March 15, 1969)

God Has Never Apologized for the History of Restoration (April 27, 1969 - Excerpt)

Prayer: Please grant that we may become children who praise the love of our Father and our connection with Him (May 2, 1969 pdf)

Father, please be with those who have inherited Your heart (May 11, 1969 - Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea pdf)

Prayer: Grant that we may understand Your circumstances (May 25, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please Allow Us to Become Those Who Can Be Together With Goodness Forever (June 22, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please Let Us Become Children Who Are Able To Say We Will Go Forward For Your Sake Alone (June 29, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please grant us victory on our final, destined path (July 27, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please Let Us Be Children Who Do Not Forget Our Destined Relationship as Parent and Children (August 24, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please Let Us Possess the Features of Children Who Are Able To Represent You (August 31, 1969 pdf)

The Source of Trueness (September 14, 1969 pdf)

The Teachings of True Parents and Teachers (September 30, 1969 pdf)

Love All People (October 5, 1969 - Changdeok Palace in Seoul)

The Family Is the Final Standard for Completing the Cosmos-Centered Ideology (October 25, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please Allow Us to Consider On Our Own, the Situation We Are Faced With (November 2, 1969 pdf)

Our Attitude in the Face of Death (November 10, 1969 pdf)

Prayer: Please Allow Us to Realize Through Experience the Existence of Our Father Who Is Always Near Us (November 23, 1969 pdf)

Proper Behavior between Spouses (November 26, 1969 pdf)

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