Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 1969

The Ideal Spouse

Sun Myung Moon
February 4, 1969
God's Will and the World
The Ideal Spouse
Unofficial Translation

The fact that you are the descendants of fallen man, whose heart is separated from God's heart, is unacceptable to God. Thus, it is out of the question that you can make up your own human-centered theory and speak about some self-centered reciprocal standard, etc.. What we are taught in the Divine Principle is the realm of the heart. This standard of heart goes beyond any standards set by your ancestors in the fallen realm. Therefore, after knowing and understanding the standard, if anyone commits a fallen act, he would be even more dreadful than Satan who tempted human ancestors at the top of growth stage.

Even Satan will curse him. Then how can you find salvation? You must understand that you must go this fearful and final course. If you violate this path, you are directly responsible for adding to the dominion of fallen love, in the presence of True Parents and Heavenly Father. The fall of our ancestors took place at a time before the new history, under True Parents and Heavenly Father, had begun. But to fall now when we are beyond the limited understanding of past history is far more serious; therefore, if you do so, you are worse than Satan. I'm sure this is the first time you have understood this issue clearly.

To be blessed, you must be restored through indemnity. If you have something stained in the past, you must wash it away. But you cannot do so by your own power alone. You need assistance. In order to get help from a defense lawyer, you have to confess the whole situation, in detail, including whatever you have at the bottom of your heart. If you do so, the lawyer will defend you as if he is standing in your position. Otherwise, you will not be saved. Likewise, I will be your defense attorney who intercedes for you. You must confess to me all of your secrets that you have never told anyone -- things that you never wanted to share.

Do you think you have gotten another burden that you must carry? I don't like this any more than you do. Strictly speaking, my mission is not to deal with this kind of matter. But I must accept this position in order to give you the Blessing. However, in order to give you blessing, we must go through this process together. Even dirty paper must be restored, conditionally, to pure white paper by pencil and ink erasers. Only after setting up this condition, can you be blessed for the first time. Without the condition, since you are totally messed up, you have nothing to do with the Blessing. Don't you agree with me? Blue-eyed Americans or dark-skinned Africans -- all people are the same. If they do not go through such a process, I will not recognize them.

I am aware of many things -- the spiritual world comes to me and tells me to listen to them. Listening to them reveals troublesome issues; all of them are about abuses of either money or the relationships between men and women. I understand everything, I don't want to listen to those kinds of things, but they want me to solve these problems by all means. So things that were hidden in the darkness are now exposed in the sunlight. This means that Satan's camp is being broken into pieces in the noon-day light. Therefore, the standard of departure for the new world can be established.

In Japan as well, problems between men and women are coming out little by little as a result of rumors about the Blessing. If they make selfish promises, I know it. Even if they do not want to be exposed, anyway, they have to confess to me. Those who look at each other as more than just a brother and sister are in the same position as Satan. You are never allowed to do this kind of thing. If you have even a little of this tendency, you must cut it off. Until now, I have taken responsibility and carried your heavy burden, so that it is possible for you to set conditions of indemnity for your Blessing in order to build a true family.

Although I fulfilled this responsibility, if you violate Heavenly Law, it is a dreadful thing that will burden tens of generations of your descendants. If any of you who understood and asserted the heart of the Principle concerning the fall get romantically involved on your own accord and have children, who can take responsibility for you breaking the standard of the Principle? Even God does not take this responsibility. In the Old Testament, they killed those who committed the sin of fornication and adultery by stoning them. Is there anything we can do for those who are worse than that?

Who must make the indemnity conditions after all? You must do it yourself absolutely. The fall is that Man lost the ability to have dominion. Therefore, no matter how much others interfere, you must decide what is true and do it. Whatever the path others may go, you should be busy going on your own path. You have no time to be distracted by what they are chattering about beside you. In this way, you should always feel pressed by the urgency of each moment. You have no time to sleep at night. You have no time to eat meals sitting comfortably in a chair. You should be feeling the urgency of the heart of restoration.

Since God has been persevering until now, longing through the 7,000-year history, you have no qualification to stand in front of God unless you make an indemnity condition through the first seven-year period. How can you reduce the history of 6,000 years into seven years and indemnify it, and inherit it deeply in your hearts? Do you think it's an easy job? Restoration is a long, long course, which you cannot finish even if you do your best during your youthful days. So you must study hard and do everything in your power to accomplish your responsibility.

You can imagine neither how much indemnity I have paid to reach this point, nor how deadly serious I have been up until now. Prison is not a problem; torture is not a problem; even being beheaded is not a problem. I have been working silently for many decades at the risk of my life, longing for the time to come when I could clarify everything at once. God was moved by my seriousness and could not but sympathize with me. Therefore, even if I keep silent, mediums in the world are being mobilized for my sake. They are marshaling the spiritual world for my success in every corner of the world. 

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