Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 1969

God Has Never Apologized for the History of Restoration

Sun Myung Moon
April 27, 1969
The Standard of Ideal
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han at their wedding, 1960

I am grateful to God for my becoming a major controversial figure in the religious world. This is a hard path. We are not fighting against a visible enemy. I must win the invisible battle. It is very difficult. Do you agree with me? Have we ever protested against all the accusations that the media uses to attack the Unification church in Japan?

I never allowed our church in Korea to offer apology or explanation to the media even though the Korean media has persecuted us for over a decade. Why? God has never apologized for the history of restoration. Has the Bible given excuses for history? Truth is eternal, and God is eternal. Whoever denies God is truly a miserable being. Therefore, to give such a miserable being your apology or explanation is not logical. If you are true, you don't need to explain or apologize what you do. You will expand and progress despite being persecuted. 

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