Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 1969

Victory comes out of the internal determination made at the beginning

Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1969
God's Will and the World
Restoration and Blessing

Sun Myung Moon, Won Pok Choi, Young Oon Kim, Doris Walder Orme, Barbra Boroughs, and Paul Werner at the Vatican Holy Ground, 1965

No matter how much suffering you may experience in your activities, and no matter how much you are persecuted by your environment, you should be able to always remain standing before the face of God. Although Jesus left the earth through the cross, the standard of filial piety he impressed upon God's heart remained, and God had to reward it. Although Jesus did not seek anything from God, nevertheless, God's heart could not help but reach out to him. Jesus was the first true child of God after 4,000 years of biblical history.

There are about 300 people gathered here. If you all are determined as Jesus was, the 43 provinces of Japan will be restored at once. Victory is materialized from the internal determination made at the beginning of any venture. You should understand this. Even if you can get victory over hundreds of life and death situations, you need still more determination before you can win the eternal victory that God has sought, a place out of Satan's reach.

A wise person will go all the way once he has made a commitment; do not go only halfway or be mediocre, because you will only end up as a loser. If you want to become victorious, then you have to persevere all the way.

Looking at the current situation of Japan, you may wonder if what you have been doing as you stand at the frontline is valuable or effective. But, I also have a very calculative side. That is why what Unification Church teaches is moving the world and will remain in the future. I am teaching you what no one in history ever thought.

In Japan, everybody is talking about the Unification Church. They are wondering why these young people seem to be wasting their youth, walking the path of suffering. Some of you had even entered Tokyo University and were admired by your relatives; however, because you joined the Unification Church, your families were devastated. There are many of you who are in that situation. But if you are going to be great men and women, you should work on the world stage. No matter how much you may suffer, if suffering is limited to the Japan level, it would not bolster you to be able to enter the ideal realm of God.

What is the Unification Church? It is the church whose quest is to establish the standard whereby we may enter the ideal realm of God. Therefore, now that you know this, you have to focus upon that greater value in your life. 

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