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Second Generation

Personal Pages




Applied Unificationism, the blog of the Unification Theological Seminary

Bay Area Family Church
Blessed Family and Education Department of Europe - www.bfedeu.org
Blessed Families
British FFWPU

Cranes Clup
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Dan Fefferman's songs on SoundCloud
deWatteville Videos
Divine Principle - An Introduction
Divine Principle - An Introduction Slide Show
Divine Principle Online Study (FFWPU Europe and Middle East)
Divine Principle - The Teachings of Rev. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon - www.discoverdp.info/
DpLife: Unificationist culture, a church locator, and a comprehensive DP tutorial: the website for those who were following UC Mag

Exposition of the Divine Principle: Printed Text, Video Presentations and Audio Readings - Michael Reiko Ito Shea

Faith Fusion - New Hampshire
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Family Federation for World Peace and Unity (FFWPU) United Kingdom
FFUWP Australia

HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center (English)
Higher Purpose Forum
HSA-UWC Oceania
Hyung Jin Moon Sermons and Worship Services on Vimeo
Hyung Jin Moon Sermon Text Archive

Infringement of Religious Freedom in Singapore
iUnificationist's Sermon Archive - Rev. Hyung Jin Moon's Sermons

Kansas City Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

My God and I - Anne-Marie Mylar

Pocono Family Ministries - Live for Joy

Re-discovering True Parents and Divine Principle (D. Michael Hentrich)

The Defining Moment (Interviews with friends and supporters of Rev. Moon)
The Hyo Jeong International Foundation for the Unity of the Sciences (HJIFUS)
The Research Institute for the Integration of World Thought (Unification Thought)
True Love King
True Parents Organization

Unificationist Calendar and Family Tree
Unification Church News (UC USA)
Unification Home Page (Damian Anderson)
Universal Peace Federation (UPF)

We Were There - 1st Generation Testimonies – TestiMoonies.com
Worldwide Unificationist Resources on the Internet

YCLC - Young Christian Leadership Conference

Second Generation

Carplife (USA CARP)

Divine Principle Study for Second Generation

European Second Generation

Personal Pages

Divine-Principle Empowerment-Syndrome (true-parents.blogspot.com) - Dave Fleming's Blog

Foreign Lands

Moral Issues (Taku Ikemoto)

Paul Carlson's Articles


Bridgeport International Academy

Global Peace Works - www.globalpeaceworks.org

International Coalition for Religious Freedom
International Cultural and Education Foundation
Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace IRFWP

National Ocean Challenge Program
National Won Jeon USA
New World Encyclopedia
New York City Symphony

Online Matching System by Cheon Il Guk Incorporated

Service For Peace - Idealism In Action

Unification Theological Seminary
Universal Peace Federation - www.peacefederation.org
University of Bridgeport

World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation - www.tongilmoodo.com
Women's Federation For World Peace USA


HSA Publications (HSA Book Store)

Jin-A School (Preschool and Kindergarden)

Kahr Arms
Kirov Ballet Home Page

Manhattan Studio Company
Middle East Times

New Hope Academy
New Hope School (New Jersey)


Washington Times

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