The Words of Hyung Jin Moon and his supporters from 2020

 Table of Contents

The Words of Hyung Jin Moon Table of Contents

The Truth Must Not Be Spoken (Richard A. Panzer - January 20, 2020 pdf)

2nd King Leads True God's Day Celebrations in Las Vegas! (Richard A. Panzer - January 28, 2020 pdf)

True Father Prayed for the "Casino King" President! (Richard A. Panzer - February 3, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU National Council Abolished (Richard A. Panzer - February 11, 2020 pdf)

Tyler Hendrick's New Theology (Richard A. Panzer - February 17, 2020 pdf)

Keep Track of the Battles You Have Won! (Richard A. Panzer - February 24, 2020 pdf)

March 1, 2020 Sanctuary Sunday Service - Online Only (Richard A. Panzer - February 29, 2020 pdf)

Strengthen Your Faith Through Adversity! (Richard A. Panzer - March 2, 2020 pdf)

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