The Words of the Brandner Family

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I am sure to find some well-prepared Luxembourgers soon (Robert Brandner - April 26, 1970)

Thank you for "The Way of the World" which is a great help to missionaries (Robert Brandner - May 24, 1970)

I hoped to tell you about success, but the person didn't understand (Robert Brandner - June 29, 1970)

Day after day I feel more and more the importance of our activity (Robert Brandner - July 25, 1970)

This month we had many reasons to thank our Father for his love (Robert Brandner - November 27, 1970)

Who can stop us? (Robert Brandner - March 7, 1971)

A young man decided to join us (Robert Brandner - April 7, 1971)

We have been very busy in cleaning and painting our new center (Robert Brandner - May 12, 1971)

We had celebrated World Day in our new center (Robert Brandner - June 7, 1971)

We started a 40-day-action (Robert Brandner - August 5, 1971)

We could welcome Peter Koch and some Austrian family (Robert Brandner - September 1, 1971)

Working on the base of victory founded by our Master (Robert Brandner - January 1, 1972)

Peace Road to the Balkans - Balkans (Elisabeth Brandner - September 10, 2019 pdf)

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