The Words of the Brandner Family

We had celebrated World Day in our new center

Robert Brandner
June 7, 1971

We had been very happy in celebrating World Day in our new center. Though the equipment was not yet finished, we felt great joy in our hearts. We thank our Father deeply for this progress. Now we are already teaching the Divine Principles here.

This month we could have one person to fight with us, namely Nico, the brother of the first member here. He helped us very much in cleaning and painting our flat before accepting the truth.

We could also welcome Mr. Akihiko who gave us much stimulation. With him we went to Brussels sharing World Day Morning with Anita and Brigitte. We also had the visit of Peter Koch from Austria, who helped us in deepening the truth.

In visiting public hearings we wanted to reach young people. The contacts with Catholic groups showed us clearly the sorrowful situation of this church. We are willing to become well-known soon as pioneers for the new world.

We send our deepest "Monsey" to our Parents, the Korean Family and all our brothers and sisters over the world.

In our True Parents' Name
Robert Brandner 

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