The Words of the Brandner Family

Working on the base of victory founded by our Master

Robert Brandner
January 1, 1972

Mr. Robert Brandner

Speaking about our country I want to mention some points which seem to be important. As one of the smallest nations midst of large nations (Germany, Franc -, and Belgium), Luxembourg had to be peaceful since a long time in history. In. spite of occupation by different countries, it could survive because of strong patriotism. Turning from agriculture to industry, financial business and tourism, it learned to profit from the problems of other nations. Relations between people are closer and no extreme thinking is demanded. Because of the strong Catholic tradition, spiritual life is very limited and immovable. Therefore youth is unsatisfied and is looking for new ways.

Searching in different groups we stated, that they are mostly concerned to social problems. On the other hand, this type of religious education made them really helpless in fundamental questions. Even adult people are afraid of a new thinking and need more preparation.

In the past year it was possible to find some open people through personal contact. We also could establish a larger flat as a center for our Principle work. The next step will be a strong family base and the registration of our movement. As people in Luxembourg are very concerned to money we want to use this strong point for some economical project. Satan knows that we can do much with a few strong members.

Working on the base of victory founded by our Master, we want to support Unification Church with our strongest engagement.

We wish True Parents and all Family members richest blessings from our Heavenly Father. 

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