The Words of the Tokuno Family

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Peace Tour Benin (Eiji Tokuno - November 13, 2006)

Rev. Tokuno speaks on African Activities (June 27, 2007)

The Providence (Eiji Tokuno - July 8, 2009)

Unification Church leader in Japan Eiji Tokuno resigns after church-member arrests (July 13, 2009 - Japan Economic Newswire - Asahi Shimbun)

Unification Church head Eiji Tokuno to step down (July 14, 2009 - Japan Times)

Eiji Tokuno - Top Unification Church official quits (June 14, 2009 - The Asahi Shimbun)

Northeast Regional Activities Report (Eiji Tokuno - November 28 ~ December 4, 2010)

UPF-Eurasia Welcomes New Chair, Eiji Tokuno (March 20, 2011 - UPF -- Eurasia)

UPF-Ukraine Celebrates Milestones (Eiji Tokuno - October 24, 2011)

UPF-Eurasia Marks International Human Solidarity Day in Moscow (Eiji Tokuno - December 17, 2011)

Georgia Forum on Peacebuilding in Multicultural Societies (Eiji Tokuno - May 31, 2012)

Baltic Dialogue Forum Held in Estonia (Eiji Tokuno - June 2, 2012)

Unification Church in Japan's Guidelines for Raising Our Younger Members (Eiji Tokuno - July 2013)

President Eiji Tokuno: IFA Sunday Service, October 6, 2013 (September 15, 2013)

Kidnaping in Japan and what's happening in the Japanese Church (An interview of Rev. Eiji Tokuno - April 2014)

Ambassadors for Peace Council Inaugurated in Osaka (Eiji Tokuno - May 31, 2014 pdf)

Japanese UPF and Institute for Peace Policies Initiative: Seeking a Model to Avoid Violent Conflict (Eiji Tokuno - January 2015 pdf)

The 33rd Seiwa Festival in Japan (Eiji Tokuno - May 24, 2015 pdf)

43 elder couples from Japan visited sacred sites in America’s West (Eiji Tokuno - June 3, 2015 pdf)

Japan holds workshops for head managers of Family Departments (Eiji Tokuno - August 2015 pdf)

Japan in the Age of World Unification (Eiji Tokuno - August 31, 2015 pdf)

Association for the Promotion of True Families event in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan (Eiji Tokuno - November 8, 2015 pdf)

An Organization that Wins the Trust and Response of the Nation (Eiji Tokuno - January 1, 2016 pdf)

Interview of Japanese FFWPU President Eiji Tokuno (Yun Ki Choi - March 28, 2016 pdf)

True Mother spoke in the Kanagawa, Japan region and the second-generation (Eiji Tokuno - October 2107 pdf)

FFWPU President Tokuno: Korean-Japan Underwater Tunnel Project is a Go (Yun Ki Choi - April 7, 2018 pdf)

20,000-Person Rally for a Hopeful March Forward of FFWPU for Japan in 2018 (Eiji Tokuno - July 2018 pdf)

FFWPU Japan President Eiji Tokuno: Japan Must Solve Family Related Problems (Seok-Byeon Kim - July 4, 2018 pdf)

The Remarkable Significance of True Mother's Victory in Nagoya, Japan (Eiji Tokuno - October 2019 pdf)

The Japan Summit and Leadership Conference 2019 in Nagoya, Japan (Eiji Tokuno - October 6, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Japan Builds Water Purifier for Middle School in Briram Province Thailand (Eiji Tokuno - May 31. 2020 pdf)

Witnessing with the best possible witnessing tool: True Mother's autobiography (Eiji Tokuno - August 2020 pdf)

WFWP Japan Youth Members Volunteer to Help Heavy Rain Disaster Area (Eiji Tokuno - September 2, 2020 pdf)

I will succeed in building a basic structure for Cheoneuiwon in Heavenly Japan (Eiji Tokuno - October 15, 2020 pdf)

Strategy Presentations Heavenly Japan: Inheriting Heavenly Fortune (Eiji Tokuno - January 8, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Japan's Participation in the 14th United Nations Conference on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Kyoto (Mion Tsuchiaka - March 12, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Japan: Pure Love Movement March in Los Alcarrizos City, Dominican Republic (Eiji Tokuno - April 5, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Japan's Japanese Speech Contest For Female Foreign Students (Tomoko Matsuhashi - August 1, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Hanazono, Osaka, Japan holds its fifth Children's Cafeteria (Eiji Tokuno - August 22, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Japan's 25th Female Foreign Students' Japanese Speech Contest (Yu Sato - October 2, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Japan CSW66 Parallel Event: Climate Change And What Women Can Do (Moriko Hori - March 16, 2022 pdf)

Heavenly Japan Subregion 2 Holds The Hyojeong Welcome Back Festival 2022 (Eiji Tokuno - May 5, 2022 pdf)

Farewell Ceremony for Vice President and Director-General Lee Seong-man (Tomihiro Tanaka, President HPHC Japan - May 21, 2022 pdf)

Unification Church pushes back against 'abusive' media reports in wake of Shinzo Abe assassination (Guy Taylor - August 10, 2022 pdf)

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