The Words of the Tokuno Family

The Providence

Eiji Tokuno
July 8, 2009
Unofficial notes

Connecting to the media. Definitely, members made mistake. Absolute faith is what True Father wants from us, but if we use it not wisely, bad result comes. In our Church organization not everything is correctly understood. That's the fact. BUT we have to know that behind the media many bad people are working for years already with one determination: to erase the Unification Church of Japan. There are lawyers, priests, Christian priests who are organized in influencing member's parents, media, etc.

In our church 4500 members were kidnapped and kept away or locked almost without food, in some cases for 12 years. Some disappeared. Anti-church organizations use parents for kidnapping; even renting apartments, etc and kidnapping newly blessed couple directly from their apartments. This is because it is difficult for a child to sue their own parents. So basically there is no way to protect those victims. Thus, the police was never involved in such kidnapping cases. For years Church has been victimized and as Kook Jin Nin said "enough is enough. One more accusation and we have to stand up. We must prepare good lawyers and defend our religious rights'" Last media's national news about our church shop in Shibuya ended with a 1 million yen penalty.

That's it. Actually case was so small. But that was announced once and just for couple of minutes. That's how it works. People try to destroy our church by all means. But it doesn't matter how much they try, it is impossible for one reason: Our Church was founded by God and the Messiah. It is beyond humans' power and ability to end it. Same as Christianity There are many successful religions in Japan: Sokka Gakkai, Shinri kyo, Hikari kyo, etc. They can witness well and have their own parties in the government. Why is it so difficult for us?

First of all because of our level. Our church goes the way of sacrifice. That is True Father's way. Other churches have lot of worldly freedom and so no one asks them to sacrifice. They have comfortable lives. Their way is wide and easy. If we live long enough we will witness the original value of our church. Now is the time to build a Chon Jon Gun in Japan, similar to the one in Chung Pyung. That's True Father's desire, to punch Satan directly in the face. After the media news no one expects our church to have a guts. That's the right time to show that we are for real. True Father said that building Chon Jon Gun would be the best condition for His coming to Japan.

Next is direct witnessing. Kita Tokyo church and Higashi Yona had 100 guests for Divine Principle study last month. Members go with Divine Principle with True Parents picture and sometimes fight to convinced people. Some guests cannot win the arguments and decide to come for study! Anything is possible. So get ready! This is OUR time. 

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