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Rev. Tokuno speaks on African Activities

June 27, 2007

Rev. Tokuno made a tour for African missionaries in six places of Japan in the end of June, 2007. The last place is Fukushima where the district headquarters is.

He spoke about three things. The first is the outline of providence, the second is the purpose for African missionaries, and the third is the African activity reports.

The participants are the missionaries and National Messiahs of Uganda, Togo, Myanmar, Swaziland, Guinean Bissau, Namibia, Seychelles, and Ethiopia.

The Outline Of The Providence

It is more important to grasp the providence than to listen to the report of an international conference or event. We should know about our Father. We should know what he is thinking now. To be closer to our Father, we should know the outline of the providence.

Father had a conference in Hawaii on March 17. Then, "Pacific Rim Age and God's civilization sphere" was declared for the first time. Then the flow of the providence was changed in dramatically on March 17. It is a pillar of the providence.

I'll tell you about some points of the Pacific Rim Age and God's civilization sphere.

All lives start from the sea. In the same way the providence of the Abel United Nations starts from the sea too. So the island nations have to become the head.

The most important island nation is Japan. Japan is necessary to perform her mission as a representative of the island nations.

The second is this. The woman should perform the mission. Three women, True Mother, Yo Na Nim, and Jeon Suk Nim made tour and had 53 conferences in United States. Because women should give rebirth and make change the Archangel nation.

Hawaii is geopolitical center of the Japan, Korea and United States. The peace ambassadors have to be educated in Hawaii and make them land on the United States. This is Father's idea.

The Japanese army had tried to invade the United States through Hawaii for the national interest of Japan.

But now, the Japanese women have to land Hawaii with the word of true love centering on God's will and save the United States. Japanese lady missionaries should sacrifice their families and their nation of Japan.

Korea, Japan and America have to become one and influence China. This is Father's very important providential view point.

There is a human rights issue in China now. The political criminal is an object of torture in the country in China. The Sudanese government has attacked Darfur. It was described as "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide". China has given 10 billion dollars to the Sudanese government up to now. When the United Nations peacekeeping force was going to Sudan, China vetoed it. And, China tries to get oil from Sudan. This is a reality.

China is still a communist party now. When China dominates the world, the world is covered with materialism. If you stay in Japan you can not know how much in danger world peace is. It is necessary for us to stop China at any cost.

It is necessary for South Korea, Japan, and the United States to unite into one centering on God's will. This is very important Father's providential viewpoint.

Voice Of America 04/04/2007

Chinese officials say they will push forward with military cooperation with Sudan, despite accusations Khartoum supports militias that have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Sudan's Darfur region. Daniel Schearf reports from Beijing.

Western nations have long urged Beijing to use its influence with Sudan to get U.N. peacekeepers into the war-torn Darfur region, but China has instead used its veto power in the U.N. Security Council to prevent stronger condemnation of Khartoum.

China is the biggest buyer of Sudan's oil and a major source of weapons for Khartoum.

U.N. reports say the Sudanese government supports militias that have raped and killed about 200,000 people in Darfur and driven millions from their homes during a four-year civil war.

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