The Words of the Tokuno Family

Eiji Tokuno - Top Unification Church official quits

June 14, 2009
The Asahi Shimbun

The chairman of the Unification Church's Japan branch said Monday he was resigning over an inkan seal scam that police suspect was run by church members.

Eiji Tokuno said at a news conference that he felt a "moral responsibility for causing an uproar."

The president of Shinsei, a Tokyo-based seal retailer, and a sales executive have been arrested and indicted on suspicion of intimidating superstitious customers into buying expensive seals. Five women, also arrested, were slapped with fines.

All seven are believed to be members of the Unification Church.

Police investigators and lawyers dealing with spiritual sales scams suspect that the church was trying to recruit new members through the personal seal swindle. 

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