The Words of the McKenzie Family

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Principle and Politics (Hal McKenzie - November 1970)

Sinophilism: A Deadly Game? (Hal McKenzie - July 1971)

America's leadership crisis and how to solve it (Hal McKenzie - October 1971)

Two FLF Members Visited Korea (James Cowin and Hal McKenzie - November 1971)

An Analysis of North Korean Propaganda (Hal MacKenzie - February 1972)

Strategy for Victory Over Communism (Hal Mckenzie - May 1972 pdf)

The World Student's Conference for Victory Over Communism (Hal McKenzie - May 23, 1972 pdf)

Korea: Optimism Cannot Outweigh Caution (Hal McKenzie - July 1972 pdf)

The Mission of America (Hal McKenzie - August 27, 1972 pdf)

Staff change at Way of the World Hal McKenzie replaces Young Tyang Chang (Hal McKenzie - October 17, 1972 pdf)

The 13th Children's Day Celebration in Korea (Hal McKenzie - November 6, 1972 pdf)

New Year's Greetings from the Staff of the Way of the World (Hal McKenzie - January 1973 pdf)

New Year's Resolutions (Hal McKenzie - January 1973 pdf)

The First Unified Science Conference (Hal McKenzie - January 1973 pdf)

Tenth Divine Principle Seminar for Prominent People (Hal McKenzie - January 1973 pdf)

Mixing the Nations (Hal McKenzie - February 1973 pdf)

True Parents' Birthday Celebration in Korea (Hal McKenzie - February 8, 1973 pdf)

One Tradition (Hal McKenzie - April 1973 pdf)

Heavenly Education (Hal McKenzie - May 1973 pdf)

Following the Word (Hal C. McKenzie - July 1973 pdf)

Important Announcement: The Way of the World moves to the USA (Hal McKenzie - August 1973 pdf)

The Way of the World is on the Move! (Hal McKenzie - August 1973 pdf)

The Late Great 'Late Great Planet Earth' (Hal McKenzie - August 1973 pdf)

Family Medical Team Builds "Bridge of Love" (Hal McKenzie - August 18, 1973 pdf)

Unified Science, A New Paradigm (Hal McKenzie - September 1973 pdf)

My Experiences in Korea (Hal McKenzie - September 15, 1973 pdf)

World Food Resources -- Who Will Benefit? (Hal McKenzie - October 1973 pdf)

Two Economic Success Stories - South Korea and Free China (Hal McKenzie - November 1973 pdf)

The UN: An Evaluation (Hal McKenzie - December 1973 pdf)

Pornography Tide Threatens U.S. (Hal McKenzie - February 1975 pdf)

Decision at Asilomar: Scientists agree to regulate restrict their DNA investigation (Hal McKenzie - February 1975 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon Blesses 1800 Couples - The Largest Wedding in Human History (Hal McKenzie - February 11, 1975 pdf)

Fighting God's War (Hal McKenzie - March 1975 pdf)

Christianity: Korean-Style (Hal McKenzie - March 1975 pdf)

The Origins of the Korean War (Hal McKenzie - June 1975 pdf)

Father Sentenced But Vows Victorious Appeal (Hal McKenzie - July 1982)

Judge Halts Inquiry Into Misconduct Of Rev. Moon Jury (Hal McKenzie - October 1982)

Appellate Judges Reserve Decision In Father's Tax Appeal (Hal McKenzie - March 1983)

Forgiveness Renews Our Lives (Lynda McKenzie - Autumn 1984 pdf)

Exopolitics and Religion (Hal McKenzie - October 2005 - Curated by Nick Bikkal pdf)

Cosmic Politics (Hal McKenzie - December 25, 2009 - Curated by Nick Bikkal pdf)

In Memoriam Hal McKenzie - 1948 -- October 18, 2010 - 1,800 Blessed Couple (October 2010)

Announcing the Passing of our Brother Hal McKenzie (Joshua Cotter - October 20, 2010)

In Memoriam: Hal McKenzie: 1948-2010 (Tom Cutts - October 20, 2010)

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