The Words of the McKenzie Family

Two FLF Members Visited Korea

James Cowin and Hal McKenzie
November 1971

Mr. Cowin (left), Mr. McKenzie (center)

Mr. James Cowin, director of CPU (Christian Political Union) in George Washington University and Mr. Hal McKenzie, director of Publications in CPU paid a visit to Korea on October 8th on their way home from Vietnam after 7 days observance of the presidential election of the Republic of Vietnam. These two FLF members invited by the Government of Vietnam had exchanged their opinions and information with Vietnamese college students. During their 7 days' staying in Korea, they visited Panmunjom and 6 main universities in Seoul and had very meaningful meetings and discussions with Korean students on the subject of anti-communist, and promoted mutual understandings and common interests between two countries of U.S. and Korea. 

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