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Sinophilism: A Deadly Game?

Hal McKenzie
July 1971

The recent entry of Red China's ping-pang diplomacy into the arena of international relations has been greeted with unwise optimism by many people, who believe that at long last Red China is beginning to change its "hard line" on perpetrating world communist revolution. The recent rhetoric of the Chinese Communists must be judged in context of their actions, realizing that Chou En-lai has recently re-emphasized that China's goals of world revolution have not changed.

A most important goal of this "new diplomacy" is aimed at legitimizing China, ultimately by being admitted to the United Nations. Many believe Red China's acceptance is inevitable, but little discussion is heard on Red China's qualifications for admission. When China's actions and flaming rhetoric are measured against the requirements of the United Nations Charter, she falls far short of any acceptable standard.

Article I states the purposes of the United Nations; including in part "To work for the prevention and removal of threats to peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breakers of the peace..." Contrary to these principles, Red China has committed itself to world revolution and the destruction of the U.S., considered its chief enemy.

Acting on these words, China has a record of (1) aggressive action twice against India (2) aggression against the United Nations in Korea (3) aggression and genocide against the people of Tibet (4) a nearly successful coup within Indonesia (5) wide-spread political, economic and military subversion in Africa throughout the last decade (6) vast amounts of material support of communist aggression in Vietnam (7) training and equipping armed insurrectionists in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

These acts of aggression, both overt and covert, clearly contradict the basic, requirements and, purposes of the United Nations. Therefore why should Red China be given unconditional recognition as a member of the -U.N. when it continues to work against the avowed purposes and goals of that organization?

"Respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all" is another principle of the United Nations. Red China must respect human rights and freedom within its own state in order to be part of the world organization working toward that goal and judging other under that principle.

The "Great Cultural Revolution" which began in 1966, the internal political conflict at the expense of the welfare, security, and safety of the Chinese people, and the millions of mass executions are the grim reality of life in Red China. It should be obvious that even the most fundamental human rights are non-existent in Communist China today.

Some people argue that we should over took these facts and give Red China "de facto" recognition since other member countries in the U.N. have also violated the articles. However, if we continue to accept countries on a de facto basis regardless of the "moral" principles contained within the U.N. charter, the U.N. will become morally paralyzed and ever more incapable of fulfilling its own goals. The U.N. is not an organization for random membership, as stipulated in Article 6, which provides for expulsion of those countries violating the charter. To unconditionally accept Red China now without any qualifications would only weaken the U.N. and erode still further the Asian situation.

In a world where World War III is still a very real possibility, it is impractical and foolish to admit Red China, or even think of giving her a seat on the Security Council until her new warm policies are substantiated by warm actions. Mao Tse-tung has made light of the stakes, saying:

"In a nuclear war, mainland China may have to sacrifice 300 million people, and yet more than 300 million people would survive -- she would still remain a great nation."

While Mao Tse-tung is playing Ping-Pong with one hand we must be careful to see what his other hand is doing. Otherwise one day we will be playing a more deadly game and not only the U.S. but the world will be at stake.

The point must be made clear. How can a country whose leaders show such a horrible disregard for human life be put in a position where their single vote could prevent the United Nations from acting in the face of possible nuclear catastrophe?

Communist China is just beginning to test her diplomatic potential and has not yet shown either in actions or rhetoric the maturity for taking on the great responsibility for admission to the U.S.

From The Rising Tide which is published bi-weekly by the Freedom Leadership Foundation, Inc. in America. 

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