The Words of the Park Family

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First Women's Anti-Communism Rally (Bong Ae Park - July 13, 1971)

Conference Report (Chong Goo "Tiger" Park - September 18, 1979 pdf)

Top Carp Members Tour Korea and Japan (Chung Goo Park - February 22, 1981)

Four points for a successful life (Chong Goo (Tiger) Park - December 1981 pdf)

Fighting for God's Glory (Chong Goo Park - February 1982)

In Memorium Rev. Chong Goo Park – 1939-1982 (Gerhard Bessell and Dan Fefferman - March 13, 1982)

The First American Christian Ministers' Conference on Unificationism -- Rev. Moon and Korea in the Providence of God -- Advanced Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy (Hyo Hyun Park - April 10-19, 1985)

Interview of John Park, director of W.R.I.S.T. (Angelika Selle - April 1987)

An interview with Professor Sang Yong Park and Dae Sik Bae (Tamara Grapek - August 4, 1988)

The KumGangSan International Group (Sang Kwon Park - March 2000 pdf)

Peace Tour Columbia (In Sup Park October 10, 2006)

We don't need any flags, registration or photos if we are united with the Peace Messages (Sun Myung Moon and Sang-gwon Park - June 29, 2007)

Read about the Family Pledge (Sun Myung Moon and Gu Bae Park - December 1, 2007)

The dangers of talking about oneself (Sun Myung Moon and Gwi Ok Park - February 1, 2008)

Presentation at the World National Leaders Assembly (Jin Young Park (Richard Bach) - February 22, 2010)

Pioneering a New Nation with Father's Memoirs (You Soo Park - November 26, 2011)

Interview of Sang Gwon Park, President of North Korea's Pyeonghwa Motors (December 2011)

My Mom Goes Witnessing For Three Years (Richard Bach (Jin Yong Park) - April 2012)

The spirit world and even God are following us (Sun Myung Moon and No Hee Park - July 29, 2012 - Hoon Dok Hae)

End of Pyongyang's joint auto venture with the Unification Church - Sang Kwon Park (Lee Won-jean - November 27, 2012 pdf)

Kim Jong-Un grants rare North Korean citizenship to American Park Sang-Kwon (January 22, 2013 pdf)

Former Pyeonghwa Motors Executive Sang Kwon Park Honored by North Korean Government (Ariana Moon - January 23, 2013 pdf)

Sang Kwon Park meets North Korean Officials about restarting manufacturing at the Kaesong Industrial Complex (Lymhwa Kim - August 13, 2013 pdf)

Is North Korea now willing to make an accommodation with South Korea? (Mark Barry and Sang Kwon Park - September 19, 2013 pdf)

Yong Bae Park's small group workshop revives activities in Malaysia (Sudesh Balasubramaniam - November 2013)

Kyu Nam Park announces: South Korea's Unification Church to Sell Seongnam Soccer Club (Alastair Gale - November 26, 2013 pdf)

An Initiative for Peaceful Unification on the Korean Peninsula (Geun Hye Park - March 28, 2014 pdf)

In Memory of Heeseok Park (1940 - 2015) (Crescentia DeGoede - June 8, 2015 pdf)

True Father Was My Sunday School Teacher (Kyung-do Park - July 13, 2016 pdf)

KEA Tacoma and Seattle Family Church Hold a Joint Sunday Service (Inchan Park - September 11, 2016 pdf)

Spring Break Youth Retreat for the Seattle and Portland Unification communities (In Chan Park - April 2, 2017 pdf)

Passing of our Beloved Brother Jacob Park (Manoj Jacob - April 21, 2017 pdf)

In Memory of Jacob YoonMyung Park (1969 - 2017) (Bishop Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - April 22, 2017 pdf)

In Memory of Jacob YoonMyung Park (1969 - 2017) (Crescentia DeGoede - April 22, 2017 pdf)

Ki Hoon Kim met the Seattle Family Church council about True Mother’s heart (In Chan Park - May 4, 2017 pdf)

Interview of Ju-hyeon Park, a Third-Generation Adult Korean Member (Seog Byung Kim - June 2017 pdf)

Michael Balcomb visits Unificationists of the Northwest in Seattle, Washington (Inchan Park - June 4, 2017 pdf)

Restructuring of Regions and Reassignment of Personnel - No Hi Park (Sung Il Cho - July 26, 2017 pdf)

After hiking 27 Unificationists had T2 campsite workshop near the Tieton River (Inchan Park - August 19, 2017 pdf)

Kiribati's International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace Inauguration (Shang Seon Park - December 10, 2017 pdf)

The Kiribati chapter of IAPP launched at the Kiribati House of Assembly (Shang Seon Park - December 11, 2017 pdf)

IAPP Samoa Inaugurated by Head of State Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II (Shang Seon Park - January 16, 2018 pdf)

Samoan Chapter of the IAPP Was Inaugurated in Apia, Samoa (Shang Seon Park - January 16, 2018 pdf)

Fighting for God's Glory (Chong Goo [Tiger] Park - Autumn 1981 (Republished by FFUWP International on April 11, 2018) pdf)

Chae-Yoon Park Becomes Champion at the McCol and Yongpyong Resort Open (Seok-Byeon Kim - July 1, 2018 pdf)

NJ KEA Church held a Matching Preparation Seminar with John Abelseth (Mitsue Park - December 9, 2018 pdf)

WRIST: World Research Institute for Science and Technology (John C. S. Park - February 23, 2019 pdf)

One-Year Anniversary of HJ Center in Beirut, Lebanon (Jong-in Park - July 13, 2019 pdf)

Yeon Ah (Choi) Moon and Julia Hoon Sook Moon represent Hak Ja Han at the Asia Pacific First Ladies Summit Convened in Koror, Palau (Shang Seon Park - December 11, 2019 pdf)

2nd Generation across Oceania has been actively partaking in a weekly meet up (Shang Seon Park - September 16, 2020 pdf)

True Parents' wish making humanity in one family that attends Heavenly Parent (Young-bae Park - October 15, 2020 pdf)

Los Angeles Family Church Memorial Service for Rev. Jae Won Park (Mark Tengan - December 30, 2020 pdf)

Strategy Presentations Heavenly Korea: When One Meets the Substantial Holy Spirit, Dreams Come True (Young-bae Park - January 8, 2021 pdf)

COVID-19 and Sunday Service Culture of the Cheon Il Guk Settlement Era (Yeong-bae Park - April 2021 pdf)

Heavenly Parent's Holy Community Peace Festival -- Understanding the Biblical Principle of Love (Yeong-gyu Park - April 4, 2021 pdf)

If you love creation, you come to know that you have been raised by God's love (Young-bae Park - July 2021 pdf)

FFWPU USA: Passing of Our Beloved Elder Sister, Mrs. Hyun Sook Park (Naokimi Ushiroda - October 4, 2021 pdf)

Belvedere Family Church: Seonghwa Service for our Elder Sister, Mrs. Hyun Sook Park (Justin Okamoto - October 5, 2021 pdf)

Blessing and Family Ministry: In Memory of Mrs. Hyun Sook Choi Park (Yun-A Johnson - October 6, 2021 pdf)

Blessing and Family Ministry: In Memory of Lucy Park (Yun-A Johnson - October 28, 2021 pdf)

Thinking Of A Heavenly Unified Korea - The Concrete Vision Of A Unified Korea (Jin-tae Joo; Bo-goon Hwang; Yu Gyeong Deuk; Sang-jae Lee and Young-bae Park - January 2022 pdf)

One Million Rally for Korea: We are approaching the settlement of a unified Korea (Yeong-bae Park - February 13, 2022 pdf)

Pyeonghwa Nuri sermon at Cheon Won Church: The Truth Engraved in My Heart (Sang-seon Park - March 27, 2022 pdf)

The High Priest Protecting Love (Park Sang-seon - April 2022 pdf)

The High Priest Protecting Love - To Global Leaders Of Cheon Il Guk (Sang-seon Park - April 24, 2022 pdf)

A movement is unfolding prepare for the reunification of South and North Korea (Park Sang-seon - June 5, 2022 pdf)

On Starting the 40-day Special Dedication Period for the Victory of the 10th Anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa: Heavenly Korea: Subregion 5, Heavenly Nation of Gyeongsang (Park Young-bae - July 3, 2022 pdf)

True Mother: We must create an environment where we can meet Heavenly Parent (Park Young-bae - August 2022 pdf)

For my birthday I'm asking for donations to Women's Federation for World Peace (Insup Alexander Park - October 13, 2022 pdf)

Belvedere Family Church: Memorial for Mrs. Keum Soon Park (Mrs. Tiger Park) (Justin Okamoto - October 23, 2022 pdf)

FFWPU USA: Passing of Our Beloved Elder Sister, Mrs. Keum Soon Park (Naokimi Ushiroda - October 23, 2022 pdf)

FFWPU USA Blessing and Family Ministry: In Memory of Keum Soon Park (Yun-A Johnson - October 23, 2022 pdf)

Seonghwa of Mrs. Choi Kum-soon (Park Kum-soon), 36 Couple Blessed, Pakistan National Messiah (Young Ho Yoon - November 2, 2022 pdf)

Declaration of Faith (Shin Jae Park - December 11, 2022 pdf)

Hak Ja Han emphasized that the hearts of the Korean people must unite as one (Park Sang-seon - July 23, 2023 pdf)

Sunday Sermon: The Heart to Attend Our Children (Park Sang-seon - August 6, 2023 pdf)

Sunday Sermon: People Need Freedom To Live (Park Sang-seon - August 20, 2023 pdf)

Avoiding the Path of Self-Destruction (Park Sang-seon - September 17, 2023 pdf)

Lecture on Peace and Unification (Park Sang-seon - October 22, 2023 pdf)

Sermon: Let us be true owners of Cheon Il Guk, loving like our Creator (Park Sang-seon - January 7, 2024 pdf)

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